How to wear a bold lip to work

Do you keep your best beauty looks for the weekend? Well don’t. These tips will help you rock a bold lip to work tomorrow.

If you’re getting ready in the morning and find yourself shying away from adding a pop of colour to your lips, then stop! Bold lips are one of our favourite makeup looks to wear to work. They can add such interest to your makeup and not to mention they can actually make an outfit look ten times better. Whether it is a bright red lip in summer with a floral dress or a deep burgundy lipstick in autumn with leather trousers and knitwear, we wear bold lips all year around, in and out of office hours.

Below are our top tips for anyone who wants to rock a bold lip to work tomorrow.

How to wear a bold lip to work:

1. Invest in some long-lasting lipsticks

You don’t want to go to the bathroom at lunchtime and see that you lipstick is all over your face. We recommend getting yourself a long-lasting lipsticks. Nearly every brand does them and you can buy some really great affordable ones that wear off beautifully. Use a lip liner all over first as it should keep the lipstick in place for even longer.

2. Think of your outfit

If you work in an office and have to wear formal work clothes, then maybe avoid the green and the blue lipsticks. Stick to some more muted colours like reds and pinks because they can really add some interest to a tailored outfit.

3. Avoid too much eye makeup

Make your lips the focal point of your face and go a little more minimal and understated with your eye makeup. Mascara and a subtle hint of a neutral eye shadow will make your makeup appear polished and your bold lip won’t look so intense.

Some of our favourite bold lipsticks:




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