How to achieve full eyebrows

We chatted to Liz Farrelly, brow specialist and Creative Director of The Brow Artist, to find out her expert tips and tricks on how to achieve full eyebrows.

This year full eyebrows are one of the most sought-after beauty trends. As a result, we are all trying to remedy years of overplucking, or be a bit braver with the products we use. To help us on our journey to stronger eyebrows, we sought the advice of eyebrow expert Liz Farrelly, Brow Specialist and Creative Director of The Brow Artist in Ranelagh in Dublin, which Liz established with her sister, Lorna, in 2012. Here, she shares her knowledge with Irish Country Magazine

full eyebrows


1. Let your brows grow

“Most of my clients come to me with damage from over-waxing or over-plucking and want to achieve full eyebrows. The first step in the recovery process is to let them grow, even if it’s frustrating! To do that, you need to put the tweezers down if you want to achieve more full brows.”

2. Invest in a growth serum

“If you’ve given your brows 2-3 months to grow out with no noticeable progress, it might be time to consider a growth serum. There are some cheaper alternatives on the market, but Revitabrow is a winner for me every time and we sell this miracle product in BrowHQ for €120. It really does make eyebrows look more full. “

3. Talk to a professional

“Like your hair and skin, your brows usually require tending to by an expert, at least once in a while. A talented brow artist can advise you on how best to style and manage your brows, and you’ll be surprised at the difference this can make!”

4. Choose your products carefully

“A lot of people will instantly reach for a brow pencil. It is popular because it’s simple, convenient and has a quick colour payoff. However, a pencil can produce a harsh result if not used properly. It isn’t suitable for all brow styles. Consider whether a powder, pomade, gel or tint might help you to achieve the result you want. Don’t be afraid to combine a couple of different products for looks or different parts of the brow. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo (€28) is a beautifully versatile product, and the Tom Ford Brow Sculptor (€48), also available in Brown Thomas, is the holy grail of pencils, due to the soft finish and a wonderful range of shades.”

5. Consider your overall style

“Make sure that your brows tie in with your overall look and lifestyle. It can be tempting to try to follow current trends – at the moment the trend is for quite a low, straight brow. No one wants to have sparse brows though, so most of us would like to achieve full eyebrows. However, making the best of your natural brow shape will always give an elegant impression. Brows don’t always have to be the dominant feature on the face — they can be wonderfully effective if they’re subtly complementing everything else.”


1. Tweeze too often at home

“Most over-plucking is caused by people who have a habit of picking up their tweezers every day to remove a few hairs. This often results in removing hairs that don’t need to go, because you’re in the habit. You’ll have much healthier brows if you take a more considered approach. Dedicate time to it every three weeks or so. Above all, stick to plucking strays. Don’t interfere with the shape.”

2. Forget to brush your brows

“Whether you favour groomed, manicured brows or a soft and natural finish, taking a moment in your routine to brush through your brows and keep them tidy is essential.”

3. Be afraid to tint

“I tint about 95% of my clients. Even a very delicate shade adds more colour consistency. Also, tinting covers any greys in the brow. In recent years, tinting has become associated with a harsh, dark finish that stands out a mile. However, if it’s done thoughtfully and with good judgement, tinting can add definition, volume and fullness without looking drastically different to your natural colour.”

4. Neglect your tools

“You can invest in a beautiful brow powder, but if you’re using a bad brush to apply it the result won’t measure up. Japonesque has a beautiful range of high-quality brushes, and their Angled Brow Definer Brush is a good starting point for your kit. If you intend on tweezing your brows at home, don’t settle for second best. At The Brow Artist, we use Tweezerman tweezers exclusively, as their precision and alignment is the best in the business.”

5. Wax your brows – ever!

“Waxing is unfortunately still a common method of hair removal on the brows and it’s very unsuitable. This is because the skin around the eye is so delicate and can be very easily stretched, burned or damaged. Aside from the skin damage, waxing can permanently damage hair follicles, leading to distorted regrowth and ingrown hairs. It may seem convenient at the time, but the long-term risk to your brows isn’t worth it.”

Image source: Instagram – @tomfordbeauty