Finding your dream heirloom jewellery

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Finding the perfect one-of-a-kind heirloom is exciting in its own right, and here the specialists at antique and vintage jewellery store, Courtville, explain why it is so much more than that

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Rare, beautiful, valuable, durable and sustainable. All characteristics that make an ‘heirloom’ an ‘heirloom’, and for those of us lucky enough to have a treasured bauble it is easy to see why vintage and antique jewellery is one of the fastest growing sectors of the jewellery market. The only problem is you can’t make any more!

Although always popular as an engagement ring option, antique engagement rings were somewhat of a niche market. Now though, antique rings are being considered by more and more people. It is hardly surprising when you consider they have intricate detail, unique designs and quality gemstones, and will bag you a deal. For real. Scarlett Johansson, Mary Kate Olsen, Alexis Bledel and Pippa Middleton all sport vintage beauties. These are the types of pieces that Courtville specialise in.

Sustainable investment

Another key aspect of antique and vintage jewellery is its carbon footprint. Made in eras past they are the ultimate green product. Courtville takes this further by using an electrical laser solder to do its workshop jobs, and continues the sustainable practices even down to small details such as making sure all bulbs in the shop are energy saving. Also, since the arrival of Covid-19 and the increase in orders that are being shipped, Courtville has ensured its packaging is all recyclable, uses recycled materials where possible and sustainable sources the rest of the time.

On the airwaves

Speaking of Covid-19, the pandemic has of course had an impact. Although there was a move towards the digital world prior to this pandemic it has accelerated this trend enormously. With the shop closed, Matthew Weldon and in-store gemologist, Alyce Ketcher, decided to use the extra time to start a podcast about antique jewellery. The first season was really a trial but season two and three are professionally produced and make for fascinating listening.

Matthew Weldon looking at a ring

Owner, Matthew Weldon

Season two is all about gemstones, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies and pearls. The third season is focused on Jewellery Through the Ages, with each episode talking about a particular era – from Georgian, to Victorian, Edwardian, art deco, retro and all the way up to modern day. For those with an interest in history, jewellery, sustainable luxury and fashion, it makes for truly interesting listening.

Digital age

In addition to the new podcast, a regular series of live videos on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok are now part of the weekly schedule at Courtville. These compliment the regular postings and informative videos that are posted on these platforms.

For people who find something that really speaks to them online, there is an option to book a digital appointment with Courtville. Using a high-definition camera via Zoom, this is a fantastic way to view jewellery from the safety and luxury of your own home. The service can be booked through the website. Due do the design and intricate nature of antique pieces, the high quality videos make appreciating all the details of a piece super easy.

Who would have thought it – digitally viewing antique jewellery or engagement rings? Although that said, with the world we have become accustomed to today, it no longer sounds so outlandish.

One of a kind

While increased demand for antique jewellery means you may have to hunt around for the right piece, a limited supply of these heirlooms ensures it will remain a niche product and unique to you. That said, you can be rest assured when you get your special piece, you won’t see someone else walking down the high street with the same one. Making the hunt totally worth it!

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