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Online meditation sessions, book recommendations, expert knowledge and amazing virtual performances — here is what not to miss

You don’t need to spend your day binge watching TV (thought that’s certainly not a bad way to get through lockdown). While our social calendars are decidedly empty, there is so much fantastic content being shared online and really, streaming some familiar faces into your home is one way not to feel lonely or bored right now. Here’s some of our favourites from Irish accounts this week.

Expert advice

A lot of Ireland’s freelancers and small businesses are making use of this time at home to share their wisdom online. Stylist Justine King started the campaign #covidcollaborations as a way for experts to share advice we all need right now.

We loved this guide to painting an old door by Kate O’Driscoll of the renovation account @victorianrathmines. It’s all in the prep!

This guided meditation with yoga instructor Karen Sheridan is focused on easing the anxious moments that can crop up during lockdown.

Listening to…

The Coronas shared this star-studded performance of Real Hero, for Ireland’s frontline workers, and it is so gorgeous. The Coronas are joined by Róisín O, Gavin James, Craig from The Academic, Niamh from Ham Sandwich, Hudson Taylor and more. There’s also a cameo from Shane Lowry! Enjoy.

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We got together with some of our talented mates to try create something a bit different while we’re all in isolation. Here’s the result.. ‘Real Hero’ featuring @isaacbroe and @roisinomusic from @thanksbrotherband, @gavinjameslive, @thecoronasofficial, @craigacademic from @theacademic, @hudtaymusic, @niamhsandwich from @hamsandwichband, @truetidesband, @bookabrass, @daramunnis, @sarah_lynchmusic and even a cameo swing swoosh from @shanelowrygolf! Enjoy! Special thanks to @isaacbroe for putting it all together. If you enjoyed this video please donate anything you can to @wearetuhf (to help frontline Healthcare workers), or ANY charity that is important to you. Link in stories.

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The High Low podcast is back and just when we needed it. New episodes include a bumper ‘Back to School’ special, the return of Ask The High Low, and some honest thoughts about Tiger King. Listen here, or wherever you usually get your podcasts.

The Ruby Sessions usually takes place every Tuesday night in Doyle’s bar in Dublin, to raise money for Dublin Simon Community. Unfortunately like the rest of us, they’re stuck home but they have been streaming brilliant performances online. Enjoy this haunting collaboration between Lisa Hannigan and Saint Sister.

Interiors inspo

Glean expert advice from Arnotts Living Director Rachel Morgans, who will answer questions on the Arnotts Instagram account. Now is the time to get expert advice on styling your home or what brands to invest in to make your cocoon that bit more luxurious.

Learning through play ideas for small kids

Irish mum Kate has set up a fun page called @messy_play_with_elsie_faye, to share imaginative sensory play ideas for early childhood. The ideas are really easy to replicate at home and no doubt will keep little ones occupied for a while.

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RAINBOW RICE 🌈 SENSORY PLAY 🌈 . . . . Rice play is a fantastic activity to explore with young children. For this activity I made the rice the day before. Two cups of uncooked rice and a table spoon of food colouring. Place the rice flat in a tray. Then into fridge for a few hours to dry out. I placed the tray in a larger container with two measuring cups and a wooden spoon to extend the play. The higher container supported Elsie to balance herself and gave her opportunity to climb in and out. This supported her fundamental movement skills. The rice play encouraged her to explore her senses as we discovered different sounds the rice made as we dropped it into the trays. I also let the rice run through my hands so she could grab as it fell. We sighted colours and colours mixing together. Elsie grasped, rubbed, caught and kicked in rice. Touch was a big element in this learning experience. Rice creates lots of different textures and sounds for young children. To extend the play further I placed the smaller tray beside the larger one. Elsie also climbed into this tray too. She had more freedom with her hands to rub up and down the tin playing with the rice. Elsie then began to transfer the rice from smaller tin back into the larger container. It was great to see her connect where the rice had come from and discover how to return it. Elsie also tried to pick up individual grains of rice supporting her fine motor skills and her hand eye coordination. This is a return to play activity. I’ll keep this rice and play with her over the week introducing new material. You can also add different equipment to change it up. For older children encouraged pouring/scooping skills and transferring from container to container. For younger babies introduce rice shakers for slow and fast sounds. Use a tub shake it. They love it! Elsie and I played together all morning with this activity. It is very messy! But it was great fun and very stimulating for Elsie to explore. Elsie didn’t try to eat the rice however many children will explore with their mouth. The grains are very small and children should be monitored when playing with rice for safety. . . .

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What to read

Emma Dabiri has started an Instagram account @disobedientbodies, to encourage us to question, challenge and resist more, and to feel more liberated. Starting with a virtual book club, the first read is Kiley Reid’s Such a Fun Age.

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Wanted to ease in with some fiction for our first read so we’re gonna kick off the disobedient bodies book club with Kiley Reid’s debut “Such A Fun Age” – a zinger that I flew through in a couple of days. When a young black woman enters the world of “white feminist” influencers as a baby sitter, we see the ways in which intersections of race, class and gender position different bodies. The action unfolds against the backdrop of the long history of black women employed to look after wealthy white children and it promises to stimulate some provocative conversations! I also have one copy to give away. So let me know why you would like the book in the comments below 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽and I’ll pick the best answer. Can’t wait to get into it with you all next month via Zoom (I’ll pop the link in the bio)✨ the date will be 4 weeks from now – week commencing May 11th, will confirm exact date in the next couple of days.

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Overwhelmingly positive reviews and excitment about Liz Nugent’s latest book has no doubt been all over your timeline. Be sure to order yourself a copy ASAP, as it will continue to be one of the most talked about books of the moment. Even Graham Norton is a fan!

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