Consider these paint tips before DIY home decor projects

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A lick of paint is a quick way to transform your home, but avoid any mishaps with expert advice

Changing the colour scheme of your home will instantly change the mood of your space. A colour refresh doesn’t have to be an intimidating project, and with a little bit of knowledge and clever techniques, you can achieve a really amazing finish. It’s important to remember that any paint expert will tell you that preparation is key. But once your base is ready, there really is no limit to what you can achieve with paint in your home. Here are some experts to turn to for colour advice before you pick up the paintbrush.

Be brave with a mural

Mural wallpapers have become popular, and of course feature walls never really went away. But if you’re willing to flex your creative muscles, you can create your own unique design with paint that will really reflect your personality and taste. And shouldn’t that be what your home is all about? Check out Alannah Monk‘s highlights to see how she planned and created this stunning mural, using colours from Crowne Paints.

Learn how to prime, properly

For those building or renovating their homes, taking on the paint work yourself seems like a good idea, until it’s time to get started! Kate at Carlow Paint Hub is the authority to go to for all your painting questions, and she shares lots of brilliant advice on the @carlowpainthub Instagram.

Create a standout front door

If you want to tranform your home exterior, one of the easiest ways is to change the colour of your front door. But there are lots of elements to consider. In this article on painting your front door, Fleetwood Paints Interior Designer Patricia Wakely explains that,”location and environment have a huge influence on colour choice – as what looks great on a bustling vibrant city centre town house may not be appropriate in a leafy secluded country retreat, where the sky line and landscape play a big part in the look of the house.” She advises homeowners to keep the finish in mind. Painted houses can explore any colour options, warm bricks and stone work can work well with cooler tones of green or blue, and harsher stone finishes can go for warmer shades.

Create impact with uniform colour

If there is a shade you love, painting woodwork and walls in the same shade can be really striking. Used in dramatic effect on this Farrow and Ball staircase, this look is easy to achieve and will last as long as you use the apppropriate finish.

Add new dimensions to your space

Colour blocking is an easy way to add interest to your space, and to help zone a room. We love this dark navy stripe that almost adds a panel-effect to this workspace.

Use leftover paints to create artwork

Rather than letting leftover paints and testers languish in your shed, make use of them with a creative project. This lovely fern print looks professional, but was made with readily available materials. The added bonus is that if you’ve used the colour in your home, the colour already appeals to you and will complement the rest of the room.

Refresh your garden furniture

Outdoor furniture can quickly become weathered, and a bright shade of paint can make it look like new. But preperation is needed to ensure an even colour that will last. This simple video from Colourtrend shows you how easy it is to achieve a flawless finish.

Consider custom colour

You don’t have to spend time agonising over paint swatches that you don’t immediately love. If you’re after a luxe effect, or have a more intricate project in mind, consider the services of a colour consultant. They will know luxury paint brands, colour trends and also be able to create a custom colour that is perfect for your home.

Get the right tools

Anyone who has painted a room knows the stress of smudges ruining a clean line. A roller or standard paintbrush simply mightn’t be up to the task, and choosing a different brush for detailing could make all the difference. It’s easier to prevent mistakes than fix them!

Main image: Kaboompics .com from Pexels