Cian’s Kennels launches at Crumlin


Cian’s Kennels, a charity allowing sick children to spend time with their pet, has launched at the children’s hospital in Crumlin

Cian’s Kennels is a new charity that allows young patients in hospital to have their pets stay on site while they are in hospital. We shared the story of Cian’s Kennels in the December issue of Irish Country Magazine, and this week the charity has opened its first kennel at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital.

The charity is named after Enda and Evelyn Neary’s son, Cian, who sadly passed away from cancer at the age of 15 in 2019. His dog Cooper, pictured above, was Cian’s beloved pet, and with this charity, his parents wanted to ensure that sick children could get comfort from and quality time with their pets while they are going through difficult treatment.

As seen in the video below by Virgin Media News, Cooper visited Crumlin today to launch Cian’s Kennels.

An idea realised

In September 2018, Enda and Evelyn got the news no parents want to hear: Cian had been diagnosed with hepatosplenic T-cell lymphoma, a rare form of lymphoma. That sad day was also the genesis of Cooper.

The consultant told Cian to ask his parents for something he really wanted. So he asked for a dog. They got Cooper as a puppy.

After his diagnosis, Cian didn’t return to school. He was receiving various treatments, which meant going to either Mullingar or Dublin. This only served to strengthen the bond between Cian and Cooper, his parents believe. Walking and training Cooper was the structure to Cian’s days. To this day, Cooper still remembers all the tricks Cian taught him.

Cooper and Cian

Cian visited Cooper just a few days before he passed away. He died on 23 September 2019. Even amidst their grief at the time, Evelyn knew they needed to do something to facilitate sick children seeing their pets.

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