Ruth Negga celebrates her Limerick ties


The actor is the ambassador for Limerick’s Catalyst International Film Festival 2021, focusing on stories and storytellers currently underepresented on screen


The Catalyst International Film Festival has announced Ruth Negga as its ambassador for the festival, now in its second year.

The  festival will take place in Limerick, a city where Ruth lived for many years as a child.

“I am absolutely thrilled and delighted to be an ambassador for the 2nd Catalyst International Film Festival in Limerick. I feel that the Catalyst International Film Festival can and will act as a compass, a beacon, a buoyant celebration of the multitude of exciting stories that are brimming in modern Ireland,” Ruth says.

“And I am thrilled of course, that this is all to take place in Limerick. A city of determination, of grit and resilience, of uncowed beauty with a modern and multicultural identity, that has a diverse and supportive artistic community. It’s the perfect place for a meeting of all these waters.”

Watch a video message from Ruth here:


The Irish premiere of feature films, Bandar Band and MAXIMA is a highlight of the festival, which features a programme of Irish and international short films, interviews, panel discussions and an awards ceremony.

Bandar Band is an Iran/Germany-produced film following a road trip through floors in Iran in 2019. MAXIMA is about a Peruvian indigenous farmer named Máxima Acuña, and her fight to protect her land as she stands up to the largest gold producer in the world: US-based Newmont Mining Corporation.

The festival runs online on 19 and 20 March. Find out more at