Behind the scenes with Clodagh McKenna

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For the June cover, we had an exclusive photoshoot in Clodagh’s beautiful country home in Highclere Park

The day visited the English countryside to shoot our June cover with chef Clodagh McKenna, we couldn’t have asked for a better day – the sun was gloriously shining in a crystal blue sky, and a gentle breeze meant the gardens in Broadspear House, Clodagh’s home, came to life. We shot a series of laid back summer looks, styled by Dee Moran and captured by Aaron Hurley, around the stunning house, which is situated in Highclere Park – the home of Highclere Castle which looms in the near distance as you drive towards Clodagh’s home, instantly recognisable as the set of TV show Downton Abbey. We realy wanted to capture the Cork native’s fun and relaxed nature, and makeup artist and hair stylist extroidinare Nicki Buglewicz made sure Clodagh was glowing for the occasion. With some 90s hip hop playing, and Clodagh’s dogs Nolly and Alfie in tow, we had a wonderful sun-soaked day ended with delicious lunch in the garden.

Take a look at Clodagh’s stunning country home in the behind the scenes video here: