At what age should kids get a mobile phone?

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Irish parents think kids should wait until they are at least 12 before they get their own mobile phone, according to a recent study. 

The study of parents in the UK and Ireland showed that Irish parents are the most cautious about their children’s use of technology. 


Scottish parents feel that they would let their kids get a phone at an average age of 10.8 years-of-age.

Irish parents are more hesitant, waiting until the child was 12.2 years old. 

We were the most cautious when it came to permitting children to post on their own social media account too. Irish parents feel 15 is an appropriate age. 

At the other end of the scale, Yorkshire parents feel 13.3 is old enough for a child to have their own social media account. 

Kids’ bed specialist Cuckooland conducted the study of 400 parents across Ireland and the UK. 

Earlier this year, The Journal reported that owning a smartphone was proven to negatively impact a child’s performance in reading and math’s tests. 

Children who owned a mobile phone at age nine scored 4% less on average in standardised reading and maths tests at age 13.

The research found that four in 10 children owned a mobile phone by the age of nine.

Here are some tips for monitoring your child’s smartphone usage, particularly at nighttime: