All the animals benefiting from us working from home

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There is an upside to staying safe at home — our pets have never had it so good. Here are some brilliant pets who are helping and hindering their owners working from home

Our family pets have never had so much attention. Yes, they bark through conference calls and constantly demand snacks, but having this quality time with them is pretty sweet too.

Anyone else’s pet going crazy for attention now that they’re cooped up at home?

We’re all just trying to keep busy. Since the Olympics was postponed, some of us have been working on our gymnastics routine.

Dogs know a thing or two about working from home comfortably. When working from home, a cosy blanket is an essential.

Please don’t interrupt Keith’s dog, she is very busy.

When you need someone to man the phones, call this guy.

Or perhaps you need someone to proofread a document?

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Working from home doesn’t have to means PJs. 

Here’s a more relaxing way to tackle that backlog of emails!

While the rest of us work from home, some are getting to enjoy a duvet day.

Some work colleagues are getting lazy while working from home.

But who hasn’t ever nodded off at their desk?

A snoring pet really distracts from a work call.

Sometimes your coworker brings you back a takeaway coffee. Pets on the other hand…

This dog needs to take a break from the news.

Constant virtual meetings and messages with colleagues can feel extra frustrating when the world has gone mad.

If we can be grateful for anything at this time, it’s for the quality time at home with our loved ones, especially the four-legged ones.