A-list Zoom calls reuniting the casts from our favourites films and shows

Josh Gad reunites the cast of Lord of The Rings

Zoom calls have gotten pretty boring during lockdown, with the exception of the glimpses we are getting into celebrities’ lives and homes as they embrace video calls to connect with fans.

Here are some our favourite celebrity Zoom reunions of lockdown so far:

Josh Gad reassembles the cast of Lord of The Rings

On Sunday, 31 May, Josh Gad achieves the seemingly impossible, and will bring together the cast of Lord of The Rings. Watch the preview, featuring hobbits, an elf and a wizard, below:

This isn’t the first Zoom cast reunion Josh Gad has assembled. His YouTube series, Reunited Apart, has so far featured video chats with the cast of Splash and Back To The Future, all to raise money for charity.

Josh may have made the idea his own, but he didn’t invent the celebrity Zoom reunion. Different celebrities have done their part to gather their famous friends for various reasons.

The cast of BBC’s Line of Duty reunited for a quick comedy sketch, to raise money for a charity providing PPE to health care staff.

In episode seven of John Krasinski’s YouTube show Some Good News, he brought together the cast of The Office for a virtual wedding for two fans. They recreate the infamous wedding dance scene at 15 minutes in.

The Late Late Show with James Corden brought together the original cast of Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen for an emotive performance of the song You Will Be Found.