6 easy ways to feel less busy


Have you got a to-do list the length of your arm? These tips can help you feel a little less overwhelmed.

When we are out and we meet someone we know and they ask us how our life is going, how many of us would use the adjective ‘busy’ to describe it? Although we might not all care to admit it, there is some part of us that loves being busy. We like the adrenaline rush that we get when we have something exciting coming up and then when we have nothing to do, we go out looking for a task to complete. However, a busy calendar is good thing until we begin to feel like we have no time to ourselves anymore. There is a mindset that if we are not out working then we need to be doing more at home. In today’s society, our days off are often marked by how much we got done because we feel we always should be using every one of our spare minute wisely. So, if you feel a little overwhelmed or under pressure at the moment, we have compiled a list of six simple ways for you to feel less busy.

1. Make a five-item to-do list

Lists are heaven for some and hell for others but they are a really useful way of establishing a schedule or productive routine for the day. However, the size of the list is often the most overwhelming aspect of it. Instead of filling up an A4 pad with pages of tasks, pick five that you are going to aim to tackle today or tomorrow. By doing this you are setting yourself realistic goals and each task will be completed rather then skipping from one item on the list to the next without ever really finishing anything properly.

2. Change your mindset

There is often a tendency for us to say that we are “so busy” but this is half of the problem in itself. If you are really serious at wanting to feel less busy then you need to rethink the way you look at busyness. Some people love the idea of always having something planned or scheduled in their calendars or might feel the need to be always on-the-go or doing tasks. This is why it is so important to define what being busy actually means for you. Do you think being busy is having a pile load of office or house work to do or do you see it as having to attend a birthday party this Saturday and then a Christening on Sunday? Sometimes we take on tasks that don’t necessarily have to be completed as soon as possible and we put pressure on ourselves and as a result we feel so overwhelmed when in fact we actually have a choice to pick just how busy we are.

3. Get past your FOMO

Do you attend events because you really want to or because you just don’t want to miss out on what is happening? This, my friend, is FOMO – the fear of missing out. Often we can find ourselves adding dates to your calendar of birthdays or holidays that we have to attend because we know that that missing out and potentially upsetting someone would be far worse than actually going. The more filled up your diary is, the more pressure and busy you tend to feel. So, take a look at your calendar and highlight or mark in red pen the events that you don’t HAVE to attend and when it comes to it, if you feel overwhelmed or stressed, just don’t go!

4. Stop multitasking

Although we live in a society that praises multi-tasking, it is okay to just take on one task at a time. Multi-tasking is great in certain circumstances but if you are feeling overwhelmed or too busy, taking on another thing might be the worse thing you can do. As amazing as the human brain is, it often finds it difficult to switch between tasks and doing so can even cause you to lose time in your day. It is also a matter of accepting that you won’t always be able to get everything done, and that is perfectly okay!

5. Delegate

An important step in feeling less busy is stepping away from tasks that are not yours. Instead of taking on everything yourself and trying to multitask, delegate out tasks to your partner or children. By getting them to help out you will be able to take some of the things on the to-do list.

6. Take a break

It is great to feel motivated and to be kept busy, but it is also so important to know when to stop and enjoy yourself. There is nothing worse than feeling like you are in overdrive so it is essential to take a break in order to relieve stress. Whether it be a walk in the fresh air or a delicious lunch in a local cafe with friends, it is good to get away from your house, work or anything that is causing you any distress. Also, getting up and out can take your mind off the fact that you are busy, even if it is just for an hour.