5 unique candles you need in your home


If you want intriguing candles that look like they belong in an art gallery and bring something special to your home interior, you need to see these

Neo’s Candle Studio

We often find comfort in lighting a scented candle as it instantly brings us somewhere peaceful. There are plenty of businesses, Irish and international, that make amazing creations using wax. In a time when we needed solace the most, it seems like people turned to lighting candles, as sales of candles boomed during the pandemic. From unique shapes and textures to pops of colour, these unusual candles have been on trend recently and we have found some that we think you will love.

Moth to a Flame is an Irish business making these amazing one-of-a-kind candles. Place the distinctive candles outside as the perfect  garden accessory for al fresco dinner parties. They are sold in sets of three, five or 10. 

Scented Pebble Candles (€15 – €40)

Neos Candle Studio is a female owned and operated candle studio based in Costa Mesa, California. Their candles are individually handcrafted from every step of the creative process from detailed 3D design, mold making and hand pouring of their candles, everything is done in house ensuring a one-of-a-kind artisanal product. These boldly colored and eclectic candles are a unique way to include some colour in your home.

  Kiss Me Lips – Pink & Orange (€42) 

Rustic Bee Shop makes pure beeswax candles that are handcrafted in Dublin. All packaging is recyclable or reusable. They are a great choice because beeswax can purify air and as the candles do not contain any toxins, they are great for people with allergies. These gorgeous textured candles would be a lovely gift for anyone who prefers unscented candles. 

6x Rolled Beeswax Taper Candles – Hemp Wick – Non-Toxic Candle (€18)

KTC is a business born during lockdown and created by fine art graduate Katie Tyrell, to bring comfort and style during the most uncertain of times. Each candle is also made with sustainable materials. Add this amazing Michelangelo’s David candle that is hand-poured with love in Sligo to your collection. 

Where’s your head at Candle (€25)

Aoife Mc Namara created this gorgeous twisted candle that is a must-have for your candle holder. This style has been growing in popularity among interior designers and influencers, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for something new. 

Twist Candle Round Fluo in Yellow (€30)

Love and Gatherings has created a stunning collection of candles in all shapes, sizes, colours and much more to help you create the perfect table setting. These candles come in a range of earthy tones and will be a great addition to any interior vibe.

Bend Double-wick Arch Candle, in Rainy Day (€39.50)

Need some more inspiration for candle holders? Find some quirky ones below.

Gold Octopus Candle Stick Holder (€42.99)

Signature Rentals- Grey Enamel Candle Holder (€9.95)

Caulfield Country Copper Pipe Candle Holder (€60)