5 steps to effectively sell your clothes online


Next time you clear out your wardrobe and want some cash, try these tips that will help them sell in no time

Pexels: Karolina Grabowska

How many items in your wardrobe do you have with tags or only worn once that could be of great use to someone else? If you still have clothes left from all those wardrobes clear outs done during lockdown or maybe have beloved items that don’t fit anymore and you need some additional cash, setting up a Depop or eBay account is actually very straight forward. Giving your clothes a second life also helps the environment and reduces waste, so it’s a win for all!

What you need to know before you start selling online


Taking good quality photos of your clothes will increase the likelihood of them being sold. Throwing some clothes on your bed that are half folded up won’t make them look attractive, so hanging them up neatly against a plain background so that they can be seen clearly is vital. Adding some accessories or other products beside them to make them look like a full outfit will also give people a good idea of what they can pair them with and as a result make your clothing sell faster. Hang your clothes on a hanger and use broad daylight or to make your photos more engagng, try taking them outside on a sunny day and having a little photo shoot. You can use easy and free editing apps to remove any shadows or add brightness if you need to.


Preparation is key to making your clothes look just like items you would buy in a shop. It might be the most obvious thing, yet a lot of people forget about the details. After being stuffed in the back of your wardrobe for months, clothing can look a little worse for wear, so be sure to wash and iron or steam items before photographing. Creased clothing will not sell well as it will make it look older than it is and more used. If you can also model the clothes on yourself, a friend or sibling to help buyers see what they look like it will make their decision easier. Lastly, run over the clothes with a lint roller as a final touch.


Nothing frustrates a buyer more than getting a product that’s different to what was described. Ensure you post honestly about the condition of the clothes. If there’s a little tear or if the zip is broken, make that extremely clear in your description as not being honest about the clothes you’re selling will also earn you bad reviews. Give your buyers a chance to purchase the items knowingly with the faults so that there won’t be any disappointed customers coming back to you to complain or demand a refund.  Be honest in your description also and if you don’t want take returns state that or if you only post once in two weeks make that clear. Whether you’re selling on Depop or eBay, honesty is the best policy!

Photo: Pexels


If you’re serious about selling your clothes, take the time to reply promptly to any DMs during the week and set time aside to package and post your sales.  Talk to your buyers and try not to leave them waiting for a message back from you for days as they might decide to take a pass on your items. If they’re buying more than one thing you could also offer a slight discount. Be sure to keep track of all the items already sold and to who. You don’t want the headache of mixed up packages and cranky customers!


When pricing your items ensure you are fair and account for the condition of the clothes. Give your buyers a good deal while also considering the cost of postage. Research the brands you’re selling and the most common prices they go for. As an example, if you have any brands that you know sell well on Depop such as Cop Copine or Miss Sixty take advantage of this and know their worth. Don’t make your prices very high, as this is pre-loved clothing remember. Also, resist the temptation to describe your clothes as rare or vintage if they’re not, as that will only reflect badly on your Depop/eBay shop.