5 reasons not to miss Wild Lights at Dublin Zoo

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Weekend tickets to this magical experience at Dublin Zoo are already sold out — here’s why this is a must-see for your family this festive season

We had the joy of wandering through Wild Lights at Dublin Zoo and can confirm that it really is a joy to see. Here are the reasons that there is more to this lovely night out than just colourful lights. 

  1. There is a huge focus on extinction

It’s hard not to ignore the little lump in your throat when you see the illuminated animals who are already extinct. The woolly mammoth, the dodo and even the Irish elk are part of an exhibit that drive home the message that extinction is a real risk to some of the world’s creatures. Across from these creatures is the ‘Book of Extinction’, which has a lighting display of animals currently at risk of extinction on the other side. It’s a beautiful but quite somber part to Wild Lights, but a really great way to start a conversation with your kids about the importance of doing what we can to protect wildlife. 

  1. Rediscover Irish myths and legends

Not just about exotic creatures that feature in the zoo, Wild Lights has a section dedicated to Irish folklore and legends that is really powerful to see. You forget these stories as you grow older, and seeing them in full light in front of you is a reminder of how beautiful these stories are. It’s also a nice reminder of how important different Irish creatures are to our culture, from the salmon of knowledge to the swans in the Children of Lir. 

  1. Fall in love with storytelling

Each display at Wildlights tells its own story, and it really is a tribute to the storytellers who created the worlds we loved. It’s a lovely trip down memory lane to see the wonderful world of Oz come to life, and the details that Wild Lights creators have gone to is amazing. All your favourite characters feature, from the creatures of the Jungle Book, the tea party guests in Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan and Captain Hook’s epic battle on the boat, to the tin man, lion and the scarecrow Dorothy meets in Oz. Each display has a helpful blurb to remind you of the story, so it’s a great way to get your kids excited about sitting down with a book after your walk through the zoo. 

  1. Nursery rhymes and fables feature too 

The Owl and the Pussycat; Hey Diddle Diddle, and more cute poems familiar from our childhood each feature, and there are even some lovely routes that take you through the storylines of  fables like the tortoise and the hare and fairytales like Thumbelina. These simple stories can be forgotten in the days of Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig, so this is a great introduction for kids and a reminder to adults of all the stories we grew up with. 

  1. Hot chocolate! 

A stroll through Dublin Zoo on a chilly winter’s evening calls for a round of hot chocolates! Make sure to bring gloves, hats and scarves and enjoy this fun evening out for the family. Hopefully kids will be ready for bed after an evening running around the zoo while the animals are asleep! 

Weekend tickets for Wild Lights are sold out but there are still spots available until the first week of January. Book here.