5 easy ways to care for your hair during winter

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Long or short, straight or curly, we all want shiny healthy looking hair and these five tips can help us achieve luscious locks regardless of the chilly weather.

We live in hope that our best hair days are still ahead of us but sometimes life can be sore on our lovely locks especially during the cold winter months. In order to keep your hair looking and feeling great, it is important to give it a little extra TLC at this time of year but you don’t have to break the bank to do so. Simple things can make a big difference and these five tips are ideal for starting your hair care routine at home and will help to ensure that every day is a great hair day regardless of the weather.

1. Shampoo less

None of us want to have greasy hair but one of the best ways to care for your locks is to wash it less. Try to cut your hair washing routine to two days a week especially during the winter, this can help to prevent your hair drying out too much. It will also keep your scalp healthy while giving your hair a shiny glow.

Tip: plan your hair washes in accordance to events and social gatherings.

2. Turn down the heat

There is nothing I love more than a roasting hot shower but when we are enduring freezing temperatures outdoors, scalding showers do nothing to help our hair or our scalp as the heat can strip away the moisture and can cause mild burns. Lukewarm is the ideal temperature, not too hot and not too cold. You do not need to endure a freezing cold shower to have healthy hair.

3. Hair drying

Too much heat can cause serious hair damage and most beauty experts advise us not to go above 410°F as high heat causes the keratin in your hair to melt. Using curlers and straighteners that excel this temperature can also cause hair damage so make yourself aware of the temperature of your tools. If you discover that your hair dryer or curling tong goes above 410°F /210°C, it would be worth investing in a new one.

4. Use the correct hair brush

Brushing your hair should not be a painful experience and the brush should leave your locks looking their very best. Invest in hair brushes that will compliment your hair and will achieve the style you crave. From detangling combs to smooth brushes, there are a range of hair brushes available so make yourself aware with what is out there and it would do no harm to have a little collection.

5. Diet

What we eat has a huge impact on the condition of our hair. Protein is extremely important as it enables us to repair, replace and grow hair as well as bones, skins and muscles. Ensure that you are eating plenty of fruit, vegetables, meat and fish to get the correct nutrients which will boost your immune system and help mend hair damage.

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