5 affordable face masks to help soothe dehydrated skin


Give your skin the boost it needs this spring

Self- care is an important part of your beauty regime and what’s better care than a nourishing face mask? Using a face mask at least once a week a great habit to help your skin find balance. Depending on your skin type, whether you have oily or dehydrated skin, the ingredients of a good face mask can help improve your skin by removing excess oils and hydrating your skin leaving it feel smooth, healthy and most importantly refreshed.

There is a huge variety of face masks on the market. This is why it’s very important to know your skin type when choosing which one to buy. Despite the cost or appearance of the mask, make sure you are aware of the ingredients. You don’t want to be applying unfamiliar or overly rich ingredients to sensitive skin, for example. Your aim is to find a face mask that will balance your skins needs.

Here are our top affordable picks that can be bought online by clicking the link or in your local pharmacy.

Eau Thermale Avene’s Soothing Radiance Mask (€19)

If your skin is looking dull and rough, this radiant face mask may be just what you need. The mask made from 69% of thermal spring water with natural red fruit extract to help purify and hydrate your skin. The mask reinforces the skin’s barrier to keep it healthy.

PAYOT Hangover Morning Mask (€6.95)

When your skin is feeling dehydrated after a night out, this eco-friendly mask enriched with vitamin C, goji berry, melon and white musk helps restore and revive your skin. The 100% natural fabric mask improves your complexion and problematic morning skin within 15 minutes.

Uriage Eau Thermale Sleeping Mask (€21.50)

Perfect for thirsty skin that needs a major H2O boost! The sleeping mask can be applied onto clean skin before bedtime. Overnight, the deeply nourishing ingredients will deliver extra moisture and an optimal level of hyaluronic acid into your skin. For supple and soft results, you can rinse the textured mask off in the morning with either micellar water or a thermal spray.

Seoulista Super Hydration Mask (€8.99)

The simple sheet mask utilises hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin. The mask is free from mineral oils and parabens, boosts your skin with antioxidants derived from coconuts, which defend against the signs of ageing.

VOYA Hydra Veil Mask (€38.50)

Irish brand VOYA has introduced a hydrating face mask with all natural ingredients of jojoba and sea buckthorn. So it’s closer to €40 than €10, but high quality natural ingredients are costly, and you know how much we love to support #IrishMade products. The mask repairs and locks in moisture, leaving your skin feel plumped and nourished. It is recommended to use this mask twice weekly or you can apply it before bedtime for an overnight facial boost.