3 wholesome moments in the new season of Queer Eye

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These Queer Eye moments brought tears to ours

Antoni, Tan, Jonathan, Bobby and Karamo are on our screens, which means one thing: Queer Eye is back. For anyone unfamiliar, the show revolves around five queer people changing the lives of those who need a switch-up. Whether they’re in a new phase of life, stuck in a rut, or just lost – the Queer Eye gang are on a mission to make their lives better.

Tan is the fashionista, Antoni does food, Jonathan is on hair duty, Bobby works in the home and Karamo is a culture and lifestyle king. While it makes for a fun, easy watch, it can also be incredibly moving. After all, changing your life can mean a lot of soul searching, and looking into parts of your life you don’t love. Here are some wholesome moments from the latest season, all the way from Texas.

Angel’s breakthrough

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Episode 2 follows Angel Flores, a weightlifting coach who has recently transitioned as a woman. Her father, having raised what he considered a son for over 20 years, has struggled to come to terms with his daughter’s identity. Karamo brings the two together to work through their feelings, and when Angel’s father accepts his daughter, you can almost see the weight come off her shoulders. It’s a beautiful moment between the pair, and it really shows the true beauty of the show and what it stands for.

Josh’s acceptance

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In the new season’s sixth episode, cattle farmer Josh Eilers is totally transformed. From his hair to his boots, the Queer Eye team work wonders. But the real turning point comes when they reveal his new home. Josh is a conservative man brought up in the South, so he understandably isn’t normally surrounded by five queer people. When he sees his new home space, he says “I don’t want to be weird about it, but I’d like to give you all hugs.” Even though Josh doesn’t fully understand them, he accepts them fully. When Nicola Coughlan‘s BFF Jonathan Van Ness tells him they’re non-binary, he is respectful and kind, despite the newness of the concept to him. It’s a heartwarming episode showing one man’s thorough and open acceptance. Yeehaw!

Chris’ kindness

Queer Eye' Season 6: Where is Chris Baker now? Inside his journey to self-forgiveness | MEAWW

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Chris Baker appears in the heartwarming eighth episode and is the founder of a non-profit that provides resources and services to the homeless.  Chris’ whole story is a moving one. He is a grieving son with a history of substance abuse who had recently undergone a gastric bypass surgery. He is truly dedicated to helping others, but his wife feels that he forgets to show the same kindness to himself. Seeing the Fab 5 help him find himself again is a highlight of the whole season. His reaction to his haircut, in particular, is a wonderful moment. They really help the humanitarian get his confidence back, with all the sparkle viewers are used to seeing.

Queer Eye is streaming on Netflix now.