Stairway to Heaven, Cuilcagh Boardwalk


The Cuilcagh Boardwalk is located in Ireland’s largest blanket bog. Here’s what you should know before tackling the Stairway to Heaven climb

The Cuilcagh walking trail, which is four miles in length and ends with a final ascent via a steep section of wooden steps locally nicknamed The Stairway To Heaven, has seen a steady rise in the number of visitors each year since it opened, thanks to its Instagram-worthy views.

If you plan on trying this climb this summer, here’s what you should know:

Book parking

Cuilcagh Boardwalk has incorporated an easy-to-use online car park booking system. The booking system will operate on a first-come-first-serve basis and marks the beginning of new, sustainable development plans for the popular Irish attraction.

Irish hikers will flock to the Co Fermanagh walking trail over the summer months. As we have seen at popular beauty spots around the country, crowds can lead to irresponsible parking.

Parking irresponsibly not only prevents emergency services from accessing in the case of an injury on the trail, but also causes damage to the landscape.

To book a slot, hikers must visit and select the desired timeslot. Bookings will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis and will be available for three hour slots for £6 per car. Twenty car parking spaces will be available per hour. Customers will then receive a booking confirmation to gain entry to the premium car park close to the trail.

With the enforcement of the new booking system, premium car parking will be limited to pre-booking only, unless there are timeslots remaining on the day. The new booking system marks the beginning of development plans for our car park and new on-site toilet facilities.

Stay on the official paths

Lower daily numbers will also ensure the protection of the grounds and surrounding habitat, the original cause that led to the construction of the boardwalk by UNESCO-endorsed Marble Arch Caves Geopark, with the paths meandering through one of the largest blanket bogs in Northern Ireland.

Facilities are limited

Stop off at Marble Arch Caves visitor centre before you reach the car park, as there are no toilets at the Cuilcagh Boardwalk car park. The walk itself offers no tree cover and is very exposed, so it really isn’t possible to nip behind a tree. Plus, you shouldn’t walk on the bogland.

It’s not just stairs

There is quite a long walk to the staircase itself, so be prepared to hike up and down a few slopes before yo make your final ascent. From the car park to the start of the boardwalk, the trail is 4.5km with the boardwalk including the final ascent via a steep section of wooden steps being 1.5km in length.

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