Sleep like a dream with this Swiss supplement

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Struggling to sleep? Unfortunately, insomnia is a problem for many people

In partnership with Swiss Original Cannabis CBNnight

No matter what is on your agenda, you just perform better on a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, insomnia is a problem for many, both periodically and daily. Consequently, Jan Bo Timming, founder and owner of Swiss Original Cannabis, has spent two years developing the sleeping oil CBNnight, which is a natural, sleep-inducing dietary supplement extracted from cannabis indica.

“CBNnight is relaxing and sleep-inducing and helps you fall asleep, sleep more heavily, and feel recharged the next day, but without any chemicals nor addictive ingredients,” he says.

This is the heart of the matter. Namely, to produce a natural sleep aid that works without exposing the body to any medicine nor addictive ingredients. The plan turned out beautifully, explains Jan Bo Timming, who was himself among the first to try the sleeping oil.

“When we had the first bottle, I tried three drops to feel the effect. I took the drops and continued working on my laptop. After about 15-20 minutes, I started yawning – like I couldn’t hold back. Then I went to lie down on the couch and before I knew it six hours had passed with me sound asleep on the couch.”

The sleepy cannabinoid

CBNnight is a unique formula created for sleeping, which consists of CBN cannabinol and terpenes from the cannabis indica plant. CBN is one of roughly 100 different minor cannabinoids. For many years, CBN was known as “the sleepy cannabinoid” because people felt tired after consuming cannabis with a high content of CBN. But it was later discovered that it is in fact CBN in combination with terpenes from the cannabis indica plant that causes sleepiness.

“Terpenes, which produce the smell and taste, from the cannabis indica plant, have a big impact on the overall effect on one’s sleep. Thus, it’s the unique combination of CBN oil and terpenes that triggers this “sleepy” effect and makes CBNnight so effective,” explains Jan Bo Timming.

Even though the sleep-inducing effect of CBN oil and terpenes have been well known for a long time, the method of extracting and isolating CBN oil and terpenes from the cannabis indica plant was not discovered until 2018.

Since then, Swiss Original Cannabis has further developed and refined the method in their own lab with the purpose of developing this natural sleep aid, which finally came into existence in the beginning of 2021.

Jan Bo Timming, founder and owner of Swiss Original Cannabis

Sleep well without chemicals

For the best effect it is recommended to place 2-3 drops of CBNnight under the tongue before bed. The effect of CBNnight will show within approx. 20 minutes, explains Jan Bo Timming:

“You feel tired, start to yawn, and feel the desire to go to sleep. Not like other products that knock you out completely until it’s out of your body again. With CBNnight you feel naturally tired, have an easier time falling asleep, sleep heavier, and feel more relaxed the next day.”

CBNnight is fit for both symptomatic treatments, if you once in a while have trouble sleeping, as well as for regular use, if you have bouts of insomnia.

Just as with any other cannabis products, it is important to dial in how much you need, see how that feels, and regulate your dose as needed. Because it is important to take the right dose in order to enjoy the optimal effect of CBNnight and feel fresh and well rested the next day.

“What’s unique about CBNnight is that it’s a strong, natural sleep aid, that combines the natural with the effective,” he concludes.


As seen in the March/April issue of Irish Country Magazine.