Shoppers are keen to buy Irish-made

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According to our survey, people are putting their money behind Irish businesses and 98% plan to keep doing so

someone using a card to shop online

The Irish Made Awards are now open for entries, at a time when consumers across the country are backing Irish makers more than ever. We asked our readers about how they felt about supporting all things Irish-made, and our survey revealed that a whopping 98% plan to continue their support of Irish makers going forward.

Here’s what else they had to say:

1. Rainy day funds are growing

Over half of us have saved more money than usual since March 2020 (53.6%)

2. So are wishlists

Over half (57%) of us plan on splurging a little when restrictions lift, while 18.8% will continue to save money

3. Shoppers are backing Irish

Out of 700 people surveyed, over 99% of respondents say it is important to them that they buy goods from an Irish business that makes their product here in Ireland!

4. We feel connected to these makers

When asked why they buy products that are made in Ireland, readers said:

  • You are supporting an Irish business (22.7%)
  • You are supporting an Irish producer who has made an effort to manufacture on Irish soil, rather than outsource abroad (15.5%)
  • Other answers included: “Proud to pass on a heritage of somewhere important”; “Grew up in a family run business, always think of the people and their families when buying”, and “Better design, price and quality”

5. Quality matters

Two thirds of readers buy an Irish-made product for its high quality, while almost 60% shop Irish-made because of the talent of the maker/producer behind the product.

6. Irish shoppers are clued in

Reasons why readers have been encouraged to support Irish-made products in recent times included:

  • The pandemic – supporting Irish producers helps the Irish economy (68% agree)
  • Sustainability – it’s better for the environment and the working conditions for employees is better in Ireland (18% agree)
  • Brexit – increased taxes, handling charges, delivery delays (13% agree)

7. Irish consumers are loyal

When we asked if their change in spending habits to support Irish businesses will continue beyond this year, our readers replied overwhelmingly YES, with a staggering 98% hoping to continue to support #IrishMade!


It is shocking to think it took a world pandemic for us to see the talent and unique quality of the products available on our own doorstep. The Irish Made Awards are a platform to highlight and celebrate some of this talent. Entrants benefit from their products being showcased to consumers and offer creators an opportunity to feel proud of all they have achieved here on Irish soil.

Launching the 5th annual 'Irish Made Awards' are Bríd O'Connell -Guaranteed Irish, Klara Heron, Editor Irish Country Magazine and Brian McGee from the Design & Crafts Council Ireland

Launching the 5th annual Irish Made Awards are Bríd O’Connell -Guaranteed Irish, Klara Heron, Editor Irish Country Magazine and Brian McGee from the Design & Crafts Council Ireland

“Spotlighting Irish products has always been a huge part of our DNA here at Irish Country Magazine,” Irish Country Magazine Editor Klara Heron says.

“Since the recession, the trend towards shopping local and buying Irish has been growing momentum, but the pandemic last year seemed like the catalyst for that support to really cement itself in people’s minds when it comes to their shopping habits. The pandemic put a halt on recreational spending, but with many people still working, they were more motivated than ever to seek out and spend on Irish products,” she adds.

“We’re hearing from readers and businesses alike that people are not only looking to send loved ones Irish-made gifts, but they’re also interested in where their groceries, drinks, furniture, clothing and more is being made. They see buying Irish-made as supporting the economy, yes, but they also recognise that it’s sustainable and environmentally friendly, thanks to low air miles, ethical practices and transparency, which is another big area where consumer demand is growing at a fast rate.”

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Survey was conducted with 700 Irish Country Magazine readers in March/April 2021.

Main image: Karolina Grabowska from Pexels