Positive changes: Managing cholesterol naturally

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Cork GP Dr Clióna Murphy developed an innovative supplement for lowering cholesterol, and now the Cholestero-LowTM packaging has got a sustainable new look


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The Irish-produced cholesterol lowering food supplement, Cholestero-LowTM, is now back on the market in new and more sustainable packaging. The Covid-19 pandemic and the supply chain issues resulting from this, led founder and CEO, Dr Clióna Murphy, to go back to the drawing board and reassess the priorities and direction of her company.

What has resulted is Cholestero-LowTM now available in a recyclable tub, with the same ingredients; all produced in Ireland. Dr Murphy, who continues her work as a General Practitioner during the pandemic, understands how challenging it is for those working in healthcare, and their patients.

“Now more than ever is a time to focus on preventative health, as some patients are often going to their GPs less due to the pandemic,” she says. Likewise, sustainability is a huge focus: “Previously Cholestero-LowTM was available in a box with 30 individual sachets, one sachet per day with a 1 months supply. Cholestero-LowTM is now available in a tub with scoop provided, which means less packaging, all recyclable, but with the same premium ingredients and with the same quantity in terms of a month supply.”

So what has inspired the switch to a more eco-friendly product? “When I was primary school we had a teacher who introduced the concept of recycling,” Dr Murphy explains. “At the time, the school could get 50p for every large bag of recycling cans. My friends and I used to run around checking all the bins and asking the local pubs for their used cans! The funds, as far as I recall, were used to purchase a school computer.

“Now, it’s a long time since I was in school! But the environmental impact of all of our personal and collective actions is just as, if not more, important and urgent now than it was back in the 90s. I’m delighted to see the new packaging available at a time where both health and the environment are of such importance to us all.”

Cholestero-LowTM contains a unique blend of oat beta-glucan, co-enzyme Q10 and inulin, and the supplement can be taken to either prevent high cholesterol, or to help lower your cholesterol. Lowering your cholesterol may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, and has many other benefits to your overall health.

How does Cholestero-LowTM work?

Taking the supplement is quick, easy and delicious. You simply take two scoops from the tub, which equals one serving. There are two tasty flavours, strawberry or lemon, and it can be mixed into a glass of water, your morning smoothie or a bowl of cereal. Consuming premium quality oat beta-glucan at the level contained in one serving can provide benefit to your health and has been proven to lower your cholesterol.

Customer review

“Taking Cholestero-Low has been such an easy addition to my morning routine and it provides me with so many benefits. I love waking up to it and have noticed my cholesterol levels dropping significantly.” – Chris, United Kingdom

You can purchase Cholestero-Low at your local McCauleys, Meaghers or other pharmacies, or online at cholesterolow.ie.

You can learn more about Cholestero-Low at cholesterolow.ie or on Facebook or Instagram.

Cholestero-Low TM Same ingredients, less packaging. All produced in Ireland.