Live interview: Fertility specialist Dr Hans Arce

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Join us on Monday 1 November on Instagram Live, as we ask fertility specialist with ReproMed, Dr Hans Arce, the most common fertility questions and get first-hand advice for those looking to conceive

In partnership with ReproMed Ireland

Dr Hans Arce, ReproMed Ireland

Dr Hans Arce is Medical Director and consultant in ReproMed Ireland. Before working with ReproMed, he spent nine years in a leading fertility clinic in Barcelona, which specialises in the medical and surgical treatment of infertile couples. Hans was the head of the centre’s international department and became medical director as well as director of the minimally invasive surgical department.

Dr Hans came to Ireland in 2016 and became the medical director of ReproMed in 2018. Since then he has worked really hard to normalise the difficult conversation of fertility as he believes that this is the only way to bring an ethical and compassionate approach to this growing problem.

Dr Hans prides himself in his practical approach to problem-solving and devotes himself to delivering the most evidence-based treatments available to his patients. He takes great care to offer support to patients along this very difficult journey.

Live Q&A


Filmed on Monday 1 November at 11am on our Instagram page, this is a Live Q&A interview with Dr Hans. Editor Klara Heron asks Dr Hans all about fertility, covering topics such as:

  • trying to conceive
  • when is it time to seek fertility advice
  • male factor ‘infertility’, and much more.