Kathryn Thomas launches pregnancy fitness guide, BumpFit

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The presenter’s new programme, BumpFit is designed with comfort and safety in mind

Kathryn Thomas at the BumpFit launch, by Brian McEvoy

Kathryn Thomas is changing the narrative around fitness in pregnancy with her BumpFit workout programme. We popped along to the launch this week, to have Kathryn, pregnant with her second child, introduce the initiative.

BumpFit is a new fitness guide that is tailored to each stage of pregnancy. Your body needs different things at different points, and Kathryn has partnered with her personal trainer, Roisin Jones to design the programme. Roisin specialises in pre and post-natal training, and now so too does BumpFit. The guide gives you a safe exercise plan for each trimester, with three easy workouts a week. It is designed to fit into your own schedule, and when you feel most up to movement.

The programme’s videos were shot over the course of a few months, as Kathryn says she “wanted to bring mommas-to-be on the journey” with her. The authenticity of the programme is a vital component, designed to be from one mother to another. The workouts were filmed at the Rainforest Spa in Wicklow.

The TV presenter says there are days that she finds harder than others and that the videos are there for when you’re ready for them. “Approaching it safely and doing what’s right for you” is a core tenet of the programme as a whole. Kathryn says she has reduced her own training down to one day a week, with her baby almost ready to meet the world in the coming weeks.

Knowledge is power

Kathryn says that the messages she most often receives on social media are from pregnant people worried about putting on weight. She says this isn’t something that should be the priority. Taking the focus off of weight and instead putting it onto mobility is what she aims to do. She recommends people “stay moving, stay eating healthy and your body will do the rest.”

At the launch, those who had children remembered their own pregnancies, and how it felt as though everyone from trainers at the gym to masseuses was “scared” to touch them or have them work out. Understanding the limits of your own body and tailoring the experience to your reality is part of BumpFit’s ethos. Kathryn adds that having a good relationship with your doctor is important, as is knowing what’s healthy and safe for you personally.

The workout videos last 30 minutes in length and use minimal equipment. They are perfect for use in your own home, in your own time. The BumpFit programme is available to order for €129, which includes a step-by-step PDF guide with 32 weeks of workouts and 96 follow-along videos. Be sure to check out @kathrynthomasofficial and @pureresults.ie for updates.