These Irish money experts will help transform your finances

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Learn to control your spending, manage your budget and save for your goals with help from these money gurus

We don’t talk about money matters enough in Ireland. The secrecy, shame and habit of turning a blind eye to our finances doesn’t do anyone any good.

It’s a daunting prospect, but you can do something to change your money habits for the better.

We’ve been following the #debtfreecommunity on Instagram for lots of positive advice and helpful tips for saving, cutting debt and spending less. While this is a global movement, there are lots of Irish people who are leading the way and helping to demystify money management.

Rather than only following accounts that tempt you to spend, try following these accounts to help you get excited about reaching your financial goals:

1. Santis O’Garro @thecaribbeandub

Santis is a single mother living in Dublin, and in December 2018, she decided to create her first budget. In just 13 months, she managed to clear €15,027 of debt. On her Instagram account, @thecaribbeandub, Santis explains how she sticks to her budget and her strategies for spending less. But what stands out is her positivity and sense of fun, and how empowered she has become as a result of this journey. Santis is also Irish Country Magazine’s new columnist. In the magazine, her Money Mentor column will guide you through creating a budget, No Spend Days, and other ways you can learn to manage your money better.

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I always say look at your money as if you were running a business. To a certain point apply that sentiment to your life. . . Where do you need your money to go? . . I created the four families in my budget for my expenses. . . The Wall family. These are your fixed and most essential expenditures for e.g. childcare, housing, utilities, travel, food. . . The Long family. These are your sinking funds. The money you put by every week for e.g. car insurance . . The Funday Family. These are the non essentials but if you budget with me you know I class them as very essential. A budget should be fun. Life is too short to not enjoy your hard work. . . The Jones Family. These are the cream of the crop/royalty. And all the other families are working hard to pay tax here. These are where you focus on your goals whether it be extra debt payments, building wealth, investments, mortgage deposit , dream wedding the list goes on . . . Any Questions please list below or Dm me xx

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2. Kel Galavan @mrssmartmoneyhq

Kildare mother-of-two Kel used to commute to Dublin for work, but she felt that she was missing out on valuable time at home with her children. She decided to leave her job to spend more time with them, which meant their family went from a double income family to a single income family. To make it work, she explored every avenue she could to save money. She quit all non-essential spending, and saved the family a total of €27,500 in a year. Her Instagram account @mrssmartmoneyhq is full of ideas to reduce your expenses, and helpful reminders to keep you on track.

3. Paul Merriman @askpaul_now

Paul is a financial planner with over 15 years of experience. You may recognise him as a contributor on TV and radio, as he shares his knowledge and expertise in topics like mortgages, loans, inheritance and more finance issues. His website and social media challenges are a hub of information on how to look after your money and how to make more of it. He has a brilliant series on finance for SMEs, and his On The Money series delves into housing and mortgages.

4. Eoin McGee @eoin_mcgee

Eoin is the financial expert you will have seen on RTÉ’s How To Be Good With Money. He wrote a book of the same name too. Eoin regularly helps people to get in control of their money. He also contributes to TV and radio regularly. In particular Eoin has been very vocal in helping people to understand the financial implications of Covid-19 payments. Follow him for inspiration and solid advice to help you reach your financial goals.

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