Don’t underestimate that daily walk

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Yes, you may be very fed up of your 5km. But here are nine reasons to step outside this weekend


We could give you 10,000 reasons why walking is essential for your body and mind right now. Getting your steps up is recognised as being hugely beneficial to your overall wellbeing. It’s understandable to be tired of this activity right now, but don’t let that stop you. Here are nine interesting reasons why it’s vital that you continue to get out and explore your 5km.


1. Walking helps you think

According to an article in the New Yorker, after going for a walk, our performance improves in terms of memory and our brain cells build new connections. So a simple stroll could be just what you need to process your frazzled thoughts and solve any problems weighing on your mind.

2. Sitting may kill you

Not directly, and not in the near future, but it’s unfortunately true that being sedentary will shorten your life expectancy. Sitting for too long regularly, even if you exercise, increases your risk of getting a disease that may shorten your life span. The answer? If you can’t start using a standing desk, try taking short little walks throughout the working day to break up your sitting time.

3. Time in nature boosts your mood

Even just five minutes in the fresh air surrounded by nature can give you a bit of a lift. Try to notice the environment around you, and keep your eyes peeled for animals and wild blooms.

4. Walking makes you more creative

Studies have found that people are better able to generate novel and innovative ideas while walking as opposed to sitting. One such study put participants in an uninspiring office space, some sitting and some walking on a treadmill while they came up with ideas. And it was the ones strolling on the treadmill who had more creative ideas.

5. Walking can help us connect

Meeting your friend for a stroll or encouraging your kids or partner to join you is more important than you think. There is something about putting one foot after the other that seems to ignite interesting conversation and a sense of closeness, that you just can’t get sitting on the couch, scrolling on your phone.

6. It’s the only exercise you can truly multitask

Phone a friend, listen to a podcast, learn a language, all of those activities and more are easy to do if you bring your earphones along for a stroll. You can’t say the same for a tough run, cycle or swim.

7. It will help keep you healthy

This gentle form of exercise has so many physical benefits, and is something you can enjoy all your life. It boosts circulation, increases metabolism, reduces your risk of chronic disease and gently strengthens muscles.

8. It improves digestion

Gut health is a huge talking point at the moment, and we shouldn’t underestimate walking as part of keeping that system healthy. Physical movement will also help your bowel movements, as it engages your core and abdominal muscles.

9. It aids sleep

Clearing your head and gentle physical activity are both proven ways to improve sleep quality, and walking delivers on both counts.






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