Taking a probiotic could ease migraines

Suffer from headaches? A new study finds that taking a 14 strain probiotic can significantly reduce the frequency and severity of migraines.

We all know by now that the gut-friendly bacteria in probiotics can do wonders for your digestion, mood and overall health and wellbeing. Now a new study has further bolstered probiotics’ reputation as a health essential, as a recent study has shown the benefits of taking a probiotic for migraines. Migraine is one of the world’s most debilitating illnesses and 750,000 people in Ireland suffer with migraine.

taking a probiotic migraines

The connection between your gut and migraines

You may have heard of the gut-brain axis, a proven connection between the two organs. Earlier evidence has suggested that a disturbance in the intestinal microflora can lead to neurological disorders. This study was carried out in Tehran University of Medical Sciences in the Middle East.

It involved patients who had chronic migraines (over 15 a month) and episodic migraines (less than 15 a month). This was the largest ever double blind, randomised placebo-controlled trial of 100 patients with migraine over 8-10 weeks.

Relief for migraine sufferers

It was found that a 14 strain probiotic can dramatically reduce the frequency and severity of migraines in adults.

The probiotic reduced migraines by 45% for chronic migraine sufferers and by 40% for episodic migraine sufferers.

Taking the probiotic dramatically reduced the intensity of headaches by 29% for episodic migraine sufferers and and 31% for chronic migraine sufferers.

Of course most migraine sufferers are aware of triggers that can cause them, namely lack of sleep, dehydration and stress. But if you’re going through a hard time or really struggling to nail down a trigger, it could be worth exploring this option. 

You’ve probably head of leaky gut. This is when toxins from bad bacteria in the gut leak into the bloodstream, triggering inflammation. This can trigger a migraine as it will stimulate pain receptors in the nervous system. 

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