Cute reminders that we will hug again

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The Taoiseach wore one of Adam King’s Hug For You pins on St Patrick’s Day. Here are some more little tokens to tide you over till your next big hug with someone you miss

The pandemic has robbed us of so many comforts including the simple pleasure of a great big hug. For those of us who once were carefree huggers, to say hello, to say goodbye, to share in joy and comfort in sadness, not having the chance to hug any more has been truly dismaying.

This of course is why the pure wholesomeness of Adam from The Toy Show and his ‘Hug for You’ sign captured the heart of the nation. This simple idea has spawned a greeting card and now a pin, worn by Micheál Martin as he spoke to US President Biden on St Patrick’s Day.


The hug was used on greetings cards for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Paddy’s Day, to raise money for charity.

If like us that card stands proudly on your desk, spread the love with more hug-themed buys.