Craving a lie-in? This sleep staycation is for you

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Do you feel permanently exhausted, no matter how much sleep you get?

We all know sleep is important, but perhaps we’re less aware of just how badly a poor night’s sleep can affect us. Read more about that here. 

If you’re really feeling the impact of inconsistent sleep, then perhaps it’s time to book yourself in for a soothing retreat with a difference. 

The Sleep Coach package at Cahernane House Hotel in Killarney, Co Kerry

Running on 15-17 November, the Sleep Coach package has been designed by holistic sleep therapist Deirdre O’Connor. 

The package includes practical sleep tips for guests in search of the perfect restful night. 

It relies on elements of stillness, somatic movement, restful yoga, mindfulness and deep muscle unwinding to help you quiet the mind. 

Your weekend begins on Friday, 15 November. 

Enjoy a dinner containing ingredients well-known for enhancing sleep. This meal will be served in the newly renovated Cellar Bar. 

Then take part in bed-time yoga and yoga nidra, the ideal relaxing technique for releasing tension in the body. 

After your first night’s sleep and a wholesome breakfast, Deirdre will give a one hour presentation on sleep. She will share practical tips on how to get rid of that wired and tired feeling. 

Enjoy the day at your leisure. Then in the afternoon guests will learn how to use therapeutic massage balls to target tension in the neck, shoulders, hips and jaws. 

On the second evening, guests can enjoy a pre-dinner drink and a five course meal in the Herbert restaurant. 

The weekend concludes with somatic brain retraining. This involves slow mindful neuro-sensory movements, helping the person to retrain the mind. Instead of being in a stressed and anxious ‘fight or flight’ mindset, your brain will be in a ‘rest and digest state of being. 

After a healthy breakfast, enjoy a rise and shine yoga session to rejuvenate the body before you head home. 

The Sleep Coach package runs at Cahernane House Hotel on 15-17 November, and costs €320 per person. 

Find out more here.