Considering moving to the West of Ireland?

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If you’re tempted to relocate, check out these online information events about making the move from the city to the West

Lough Inagh, Connemara, Co Galway

The past few months have highlighted the importance of where we live and quality of life, so many are considering swapping the city for the country.

It has also become clear just how well many businesses can still function while staff work from home.

That craving for a better work-life balance means Grow Remote now receives over 100 queries per week from people looking to make the move from cities to regional and rural locations. 

Grow Remote is a community project intended to increase employment opportunities in regional areas by connecting remote workers with companies.

The organisation is planning a series of online events to showcase the benefits of moving to the West of Ireland.

The ‘Town Taster’ events, which have been designed to act as a concierge service for those looking to make the move from cities to regional locations, will take place in counties Clare, Galway and Kerry in September and October, with more to follow later in the year. The Town Taster sessions are being supported by The Western Development Commission who recently launched a new campaign called ‘More To Life’ encouraging more people to make the move west.  

Tracy Keogh is one of the founding members of Grow Remote, and she explains that people are seriously considering starting over in the West.

“The requests vary from young tech workers in their 20s looking to make a move back to their hometown, couples priced out of the housing market and highly skilled workers across all sectors. Almost all of these queries are driven by the move to remote work since March and the opportunity many now have to work from anywhere across the country,” Tracy says.

“Our recent research shows that those looking to make a move are searching for information on co-working spaces available, social groups that are on offer, local meet ups, outdoor activities and of course the big questions around housing, child care and affordability. The events offer a practical insight into daily life from those who have made the move to work remotely in the west and locals who have grown up in the area.”

The first town taster events are limited to a small number of participants per county. Those interested in attending can register on