8 things you need to start writing down

Love a good list? Here are essential ones to make to help make this your best year yet

Put that stash of pretty but unused notebooks to work and start making lists. Not just your average to-do list however, these are lists that will help inspire and motivate you to start making things happen. That stationery addiction will finally pay off.


Think about what you have achieved in your career and personal life. Drawing a blank? Don’t let that happen at a crucial moment in future. We’ve all done something noteworthy, commendable and impressive, and by recording these wins in a list you can refer to, all those amazing feats you have done will more easily spring to mind. Think of job interviews, tricky small talk conversations, those days you are feeling low, all those times when you need a reminder of why you are great. This list will become an invaluable tool when you need to be your own cheerleader.


Similar to the above, keeping a record of any noteworthy compliments on your work or something that is important to you can be a powerful tool to motivate you and lift your mood. When a client is delighted with your work, your friend is grateful for your support, or someone commends you on your well-behaved kid, jot a little note for yourself. On days when your confidence is low or something has gone wrong, it could be helpful to have a reminder of the times you did things right.


Writing down a comprehensive list of where you want to go and even when is a concrete first step to making it happen. When you realise that you only have so many holidays a year, only so much cash and that you will never know what life holds, you may rethink going on yet another boring sun holiday to that same old familiar resort. With a little forward planning and research, your travel goals will be a lot more achievable.


We are huge advocates for the practice of gratitude at Irish Country Magazine, because it works. When you’ve had a great day, it’s so nice to keep a note of all the things that made you smile. And when you feel that your day has been grim, writing down some positives can give you a healthy dose of perspective. So remember to jot down the delicious coffees, that time you made a perfect poached egg and the great hair days.


Definitely add the fantastic eureka moments to your list before they float away into oblivion and are lost forever. It can also be inspiring to challenge yourself to brainstorm ideas for work or creative projects regularly.


One way to become more self aware is to jot down how you feel each day and why. A simple task like this can give you valuable insights. Perhaps you’re not enjoying your job as much as you thought, you feel more irritable when you haven’t gone for a walk, or that old friend is in fact a drain on your energy.


This can be a fun one, such as those times that you dream that you’re best friends with Mariah Carey, or it can help you figure out what is weighing on your mind.


Just like with your travel bucket list, writing down your goals is essential to making them a reality. It doesn’t just have to relate to your career. Perhaps your goal for the year is to make new friends, be kinder to your family or practice mindfulness. Write down whatever it is that you want to make a priority, and set yourself a deadline too. It’s amazing how empowering a handwritten list can be.