7 tips for making mornings easier

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Find yourself constantly hitting “snooze” button? Here’s how you can finally make early mornings feel a little bit easier. You aren’t simply born a ‘morning person. In reality, it is down to your mindset. Despite the best of intentions we find ourselves hitting the ‘snooze’ button. This never feels as good as we think it does. We just wake up groggy and already running late. But it is mind over matter. If you tell yourself that you don’t want to get up then you are actually only making it harder. Instead, be prepared and get up ready-to-go and seize the day!

making mornings easier

Here are seven simple tips for waking up earlier and easier in the morning.

1. Set your alarm one minute earlier everyday

It sounds technical and most people just set their alarm to one or two specific times but if you are serious about getting up earlier then this technique is definitely worth trying. Set your alarm one minute earlier everyday and allow your body clock to gradually change so that you will wake at the ideal time for you to get ready and out the door without any stress.

2. Look at what surrounds you

Technology surrounds us, nearly every corner of our room sits a device that requires an electrical current to power it. Often sleep patterns can be interrupted or disturbed by technology. Avoid using your phone right before you go asleep and instead train your body to fall asleep by itself without any distractions.

3. Move your alarm clock

If you have your alarm clock within arms reach, you can be sure that you are going to hit the “snooze” button! Instead, move your clock to a place that requires you to get out of bed in order to turn it off. That’s the easy part of the equation, now all you need it the determination and willpower to try to resist getting back into bed. Once you’re up, don’t go back, it’s that simple!

4. Timing is everything

Bed, you are our favourite hello and hardest goodbye. Getting up during the dreary winter mornings can be difficult enough without having to pry yourself from the warmth of a cosy bed. In order to help make getting up on a cold morning a little bit easier, set your heating systems to a timer so when you get out of bed, your house is nice and warm.

5. Be prepared

We’ve all been there. Hit the snooze on our alarms one too many times and suddenly you’re running around your house trying to find the match to your shoe while also trying to gather all the things you’ll need for the day. Taking time the night before to get everything prepared is the best way to conquer the next day. Make the lunches, iron the clothes, pack the bags, do whatever you need to do the night before so that when you get up, you are ready-to-go and seize the day. Trust us, there is no better feeling than getting into bed knowing you only have to get up and get dressed. 

6. Shower the night before

If you hate the idea of jumping into the shower in the mornings, then make sure you are prepared and have one the night before. Although, we have to admit that a quick shower when you get up can often be the best way to feel awake and refreshed in the morning. Having clean and dry hair is definitely a key step for making mornings easier. 

7. Start your day on a good note

If you are not much of a morning person and find it hard to feel motivated in the early AM then why not play one of your favourite songs. Waking up to the sweet sound of a familiar and happy tune can really lift your morning mood.

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