3 ways to bring nature into your home

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Bring the outside in, with craft pieces inspired by the Irish landscape and the natural beauty of wild Irish flowers

If one of your resolutions was to embrace nature more, then try these steps to inject some life into your home.  

1. Hand-picked blooms 

We love the idea of placing wild flowers and evergreens throughout the home. Next time you’re out for a walk, see what you could use to make an arrangement. Think outside the box — if you can’t find wild flowers growing near you, perhaps there are interesting branches, ‘weeds’ like thistle and gorse that are uniquely beautiful, that could work together instead. Leonie Cornelius shares tips on plants that look well when bare in winter in this month’s issue.

2. Marrying land and sea

We love the stunning new selection of vases by Sarah McKenna. The Winter Tide collection includes conical vases that tell the story of the rugged Irish coast. The range is available in Storm (grey), Sea (teal) and Sand (mustard). Each piece is handmade in her 250-year-old studio space in Dundalk, Co Louth. Find out more at www.sarahmckenna.ie

3. Botanical art with an Irish flair

It’s not the first time we have shared pieces from Sally Caulwell. Her stunning illustrations capture the beauty of the plants to be found in the Irish countryside. Each piece has a note of nostalgia, with foxgloves and fuschia reminiscent of childhood walks, and bluebells and snowdrops a reminder of the first signs of spring each year. Check out her work here.