How to create a serene yet colourful bedroom

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A pink bedroom can feel calm and sophisticated, as Fleetwood interior designer Patricia Wakely shows with this soothing, refined design

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The brief: Create a bedroom that feels like a sanctuary for a busy mother 


Our bedrooms set the tone for how we start and end each day, so it can be hugely rewarding to invest time and thought in getting a bedroom just right. In an ideal world, our bedrooms would be a personal oasis to escape to each evening. In reality, when it comes to designing our homes, bedrooms can become an afterthought compared to the higher traffic, more visible areas of the home.

In this project, Fleetwood interior designer Patricia Wakely was tasked with creating a restful bedroom that would feel like a retreat for a mother who shares her home with her teenage son. Choosing the right colours and optimising space in the room was essential to capturing the calm, restorative mood the client desired.

“I wanted the client to feel relaxed and cocooned whilst in the room, so by using the blush colour on the ceiling and walls, you almost get that feeling of a big hug in this space,” Patricia says.

Her client wasn’t looking for a pink bedroom, but Patricia knew this beautiful blush/brown shade would win her over.

“When I suggested Favourite Lippy CP0455, she fell in love with it,” Patricia says. “She really surprised herself by agreeing to a blush pink but when combined with Coco 1955 Pale, it creates a very gentle, subtle scheme.”

Patricia’s clever alcove idea is so much more impactful than a simple colour feature wall, maximising the effects of this warm, comforting shade of pink.

“Running it up onto the ceiling and down the side walls creates a cocoon effect on the rear wall. Making this room feel sophisticated rather than girly was a huge concern for us in this room, so we decided to use Ashford Greige CP0797 on a panelled wall and on the radiator cover. This then balanced the blush with a warm colour that adds an elegant rich feel,” Patricia says.

“The wave-topped curtains in a matching pink silk effect fabric by PW Design add a touch of indulgence, and go with the paint colour and matching recess pelmet so well.”

Sense of calm

When designing any room we should consider how we use the space. Bedrooms in particular can become a dumping ground, particularly when trying to squeeze in storage. Patricia decided to create a separate self-contained wardrobe and dressing room in the home by removing a pre-existing staircase. This allowed the bedroom to be free of large furniture and storage.

“The whole idea of this room is to have a simple, less cluttered look. Using floating shelves and storage units beneath instead of traditional lockers and unnecessary accessories makes the room feel much lighter and airy. The result is a much more minimal look with less items on display,” Patricia says.

The deep grey headboard and matching bed from Autumn Blu is a nod to the greige colour in the panelling, and underneath the bed offers pull out storage. A swivel mirror from Woodies bounces light around the room while also providing some additional discreet storage.

“To give a further feeling of simplicity, the drop lights on each side of the bed instead of lamps frame the bed head and add to the cocoon effect. The lighting in the room is simple glass and chrome, all from Though they are larger than the average light given the size of the room, their simple form works perfectly, and creates a subtle feature.”

Fleetwood Kingswood Room 2 / Claire Nash

Sometimes modern living essentials like a TV and radiator can feel jarring, but with careful thought and preplanning they can be incorporated seamlessly into a scheme. Patricia was able to plan the panelled wall around these items, so that the radiator cover and positioning of the TV feels more harmonious. Patricia designed a simple console table effect for the radiator cover that added balance and maximised heat flow in the room.

The client’s favourite patterned chair is brought into the scheme with simple cushions and throws that add to the grounded, calm feeling. The pops of navy balance out the blush and neutral tones, adding another layer to the room. Artwork from TK Maxx and Homestore & More completes the space.


Photography: Claire Nash

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