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Irish Made Awards 2022

The Irish Made Awards are back – bigger and brighter for 2022

How to protect your hair while you sleep

If you go to sleep with your hair down, in a tight bun, or wet, you could be damaging it - here's how to avoid that.

How to improve your sleep on World Sleep Day

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This World Sleep Day, 18 March, learn some ticks and tricks to have you snoozing soundly in no time.

Nadia Power’s top stretching tips to get you ready to move

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If you're using the fresh weather as an excuse to get out for a run, a walk, a hike, or generally get your steps in, you also need to stretch. No one knows this better than iconic Olympian Nadia Power.

Sea swimmers share their hows and whys to get you into the ocean

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Here's what motivates seasoned swimmers to dive in, and some of the benefits they reap in the process.

How we manage stress: Team Irish Country Magazine’s tips

Tips and tricks on how the Irish Country Magazine team manages stress