What kind of sun-bather are you?

Do you spritz factor 50 at random passers-by or do you throw caution to the wind when the temperature soars? Here are the most common types of sun worshippers in Ireland

After a scorcher of a May bank holiday, it looks like we’re back to rain again this weekend, but temperatures will pick up again next week and we’re still hopeful for a good summer ahead.

We all know SPF is essential for being safe in the sun, but everyone behaves differently when that big yellow circle appears. Here are the most common types of sun worshippers you’ll find at home and by the pool this summer.

1. The scaredy-cat

Covers themselves in factor 50 from head to toe, wears a giant hat and stays in the shade

2. The bronzer

Turns a deep brown shade within minutes of being in sunlight, likely from Kerry or can trace their family tree to the Spanish Armada

3. The one who’s in denial

Comes into work on a Monday with a bright red face and forearms after falling asleep outside after a few cans, has red or blonde hair

4. The patchwork

Has a deep sallow tan on their neck, face, arms and calves but everywhere else is milk bottle white. Likely a farmer or plays sports

5. The faker

A glowing, even tan head to toe from January to December – we know you’re not keeping that glow from a week in Lanzarote at Easter, it’s more likely out of a bottle

6. The preacher

Lectures people about the dangers of UV rays, has an excellent skincare regime, known to randomly spritz people with SPF

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