12 November

Relive this year’s Irish Made Awards

Irish Country Magazine

Editor of Irish Country Magazine, Klara Heron opened the event, welcoming all attendees and commending the finalists.

MC of the event was presenter Anna Daly. She wore a gorgeous green gúna by designer Caroline Kilkenny. Anna was on hand to keep award proceedings running, as well as giving an empowering speech about entrepreneurship.

Co-founder and CEO of cosmetics company Pestle & Mortar, Sonia Deasy was the event’s keynote speaker.

No attendee went home empty-handed, whether they won their category or not. Each member of the audience received some Irish Made goodies. 

Before the end of the event, stunning cocktails were served by the Drinks winners, Craft Cocktails. From Raspberry Negronis to Tom’s Margaritas, there were options for every taste – each one of them delicious!

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