BIAB nails  All your questions answered

Ceadigh Heslin

Is BIAB good for your nails?

The application and removal of BIAB nails is less likely to damage your natural nails so yes, they are as far as treatments go. They’re ideal if you’re looking to grow and strengthen your nails whilst still having them looking good. If you’re a nail biter who wants to kick the habit, they are a great option.

How long do BIAB gel nails last?

Three to four weeks is the usual lifespan of BIAB nails however experts do recommend getting them redone every two to three weeks to maintain that freshly done look.

What is the difference between gel and BIAB nails?

Build in a Bottle is of a thicker consistency than gel and actually woks to strengthen the nails rather than weaken it. Being a thicker polish also means that it is less likely to chip in between salon sessions. The beauty of BIAB is that is can be used on its own or as a base underneath gel nails to minimise any damage gel polish may cause. The only downside is that BIAB sometimes does not fit into the edges or creases like gel or shellac does. However it does dry harder, meaning it is more durable against chipping.