Could you house refugees fleeing Ukraine?


Your vacant space could give a Ukrainian refugee a safe place to sleep

Irish and Ukrainian flags fly over Cork City Hall, via Cork Beo

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began, the UN estimates that over 1.5 million people have fled the country. With many key cities in Ukraine now warzones, individuals and families are seeking refuge in neighbouring countries or those in the EU. Now, the Irish Red Cross is calling for spare rooms or homes to house displaced Ukrainian citizens in Ireland. This comes as the latest move in a string of efforts to help those worst effected by the crisis.

Minister of State, Anne Rabbitte estimated Ireland will take in over 100,000 refugees, since visa requirements have been waived and supports offered. On Monday, the government announced a pledge register. Those who are able to take in refugees can pledge to assist on the official register, which will help the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth and the Red Cross to pair those in need with homes. You can sign up here To date, over 9,000 properties have been registered.



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The Red Cross says they “always consider the best interests of hosts and their communities” when pairing hosts with those in need. And when a match is made, the Migration team is on hand to support all parties.

Earlier this week, AirBnB announced it would assist in rehoming up to 100,000 refugees, offering supports and incentives to host. And on social media, many people and outlets have been sharing ways you can further help out, be it by donating funds or much-needed supplies. Keeping an eye on what’s happening online can help you find a localised way of giving aid.