New books from Irish writers in 2022

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The most loved Irish writers are releasing new novels this year. Here are the ones you simply have to read

Is it the year of the long-awaited sequel? Irish publishing icons like Marian Keyes and John Boyne certainly seem to think so. It appears that many of our favourite authors have used the past few years to revisit past characters, or to reach new milestones. Sheila O’Flanagan is one such author — 25 years after the release of her debut Dreaming of a Stranger, this summer she is set to unveil her 30th book.

New books from much-loved writers such as Louise O’Neill, Sophie White and Michelle Gallen will no doubt be ideal book club choices in the months ahead too.

Marian Keyes

Again, Rachel, the sequel to Marian’s classic novel about addiction Rachel’s Holiday, shot to the number one spot on Irish and UK bestseller lists when it came out in February. Rachel has come a long way since her stint in rehab in the nineties, so much so that she is now working as an addiction counsellor. But when she runs into an old flame, she fears falling into her old ways. But maybe she is finally going to learn that, even at 50, it’s never too late to change.

Sheila O’Flanagan

Sheila O’Flanagan is a master of storytelling, and is one of Ireland’s most successful authors. Her next novel is her 30th, and What Eden Did Next is a relatable, uplifting story of a woman who has her second chance at love after the death of her husband. But those around her are making their misgivings known — will that bring Eden and her new man, single dad Rafe, closer, or push them apart? Pre-order here. 


Donal Ryan

From prize-winning author Donal Ryan, comes his sixth novel. Due out in August, The Queen of Dirt Island is a moving story about a family of women and the fierce loyalty that bonds them, in a world of betrayals and transgressions.

Louise O’Neill

A literary force, Louise O’Neill’s long-awaited new novel Idol follows a bestselling author who writes an essay that has unintended consequences. She shares the story of her sexual awakening with her female best friend in the essay, but her old friend reaches out, and claims to have a different, darker memory of that experience.

Jo Spain

Due in May, Jo Spain’s next crime thriller is set in a small town in Finland, where three women are missing, one body has been found, and the frozen lake may hold some answers. When London professional Alex Evans flies to the town where his sister died, he and the detective investigating the case realise there is something sinister at play, and that she may have left him a message. Pre-order here. 

Sophie White

Sophie White has a diverse range of books under her belt, from mouthwatering recipes, hilarious fiction to must-read essays. From the author of Filter This and Corpsing comes a hilarious new story of a trio of friends who find a novel way to cope with their newfound boredom as they adjust to life in a new luxury housing development. Pre-order here.

Michelle Gallen

In the follow up to her brilliant debut Big Girl Small Town, Michelle Gallen writes about a smart-mouthed girl trying to enjoy her last summer at home, as marching season raises tensions among the Catholic and Protestant workforce in the factory where she irons 800 shirts a day. As she realises something is going on, she must make a decision that could affect lives forever. Pre-order Factory Girls here before its release in June.

John Boyne

The author of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas has announced a sequel to his iconic novel, sixteen years after the first. Preorder here.