See Miss Saigon before it's too late!

There is a lot of buzz about Miss Saigon, and believe us, it is deserving of the hype, so if you can try and see it before it wraps up this week. Here, we chat to the stars of the spectacular musical

  • Sooha Kim

  • Ashley Gilmour

  • Ashley as Chris and Sooha as Kim in Miss Saigon

It’s the musical everyone has been talking about, because it simply doesn’t fail to impress. This is the last week of Miss Saigon’s run at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, so be sure to catch it if you can. We sat down with the stars of the show, Ashley Gilmour and Sooha Kim to talk about what it takes to perform in this particularly moving and dramatic production.

Ashley, why do you think audiences can’t get enough of this story?

Ashley: “I think it is really relevant right now even though it was written almost 30 years ago. The storyline and the key elements of the show are so relevant in today’s world, there is still war happening there is still mass exodus from countries and it kind of proves that human beings don’t learn as a race to accept or love everyone. I think it is important for people to come and see the show and be moved by it and to experience what those people experienced.”

Sooha, the songs you get to perform are so impressive and emotionally heart-wrenching. What is it like to take on this hugely challenging role?

Sooha: “It is physically quite tiring, to be holding the baby and running around the stage, and being beaten as well! When I go home after each show I try not to speak. During those two to three hours I have to pour out all of these emotions, so afterwards I just feel completely empty and exhausted. It’s quite difficult to ensure the balance is being maintained, to capture the emotion and to sing at the same time. The show is very emotionally intense and draining but after every show I am always so happy so I love being part of it.”

Ashley, your character Chris is put in an impossible situation. What’s that like to play?

Ashley: “There is a scene at the end where the character Chris breaks down, he has been holding in his emotions, as many men do. That’s a really challenging part of the show, to let it out but still be truthful. But at the same time it’s really nice, if you’re feeling emotional you can let it all out in the performance. It’s like therapy in a way. It’s a very physical show, it is based on war so for all of us it gets very physical. It takes it out of you.”

What would you say to audiences who haven’t seen the show yet?

Ashley: “Expect to be broken, moved, and it’s a massive spectacle, the set design, all the elements are huge. It won’t be like a musical you’ve seen before.”

Sooha: “Bring a handkerchief!”

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Miss Saigon runs at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre until Saturday, 18 November. Tickets still available at

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