Pregnancy & Baby Fair: 4 things to know

Co-founder of the SMA Baby Club Pregnancy & Baby Fair Jennifer Shaw shares some details on what parents will definitely want to check out at this year’s show at the RDS Dublin on October 7 and 8

Jennifer Shaw and Claire Finan’s Pregnancy & Baby Fair started in 2009 with support from four Dragons on Dragon’s Den. Now it’s a hit with parents in Dublin and Cork, a day out to stock up on all the gadgets, toys and essentials for a baby, and this year there’s more than ever.

Here, Jennifer shares four tips for parent's ahead of this year’s fair:

1. Get a sleep aid

“I’m pregnant with my third child at the moment and I was pregnant with my first at the very first show. One thing that wasn’t around for my first two was sleep aids. My first little girl had colic and my next little girl had reflux. It was hard because you are trying to help their sleep position with blankets and that but now the market has so much choice from really expensive sleep positioners like Cocoonababy and then the cheapers ones from Clevamama. Sleep aids are something new to the market that are an absolute lifesaver for parents. The baby is getting comfort, a full night’s sleep, and they’re getting better quality sleep especially if there is something like colic there. My new baby is due in January and that’s an investment I am going to make. If people can’t afford anything else, I would tell them to get that. Bella Baby are going to do a talk at the show about the options available and how they work.”

2. Get expert knowledge

There are informative talks happening on the main stage everyday. “A really popular expert who has a huge following is Claire Boyle who talks about breastfeeding and Lucy Wolfe is our sleep expert. So if you have a baby or a toddler or you’re transitioning from a baby to two babies, sleep is key. Because you’re constantly changing their routine, from when you’re going from breastfeeding to bottle, from a cot to a bed, it all affects sleep. As well as being on our main stage she will be able to talk to parents one on one at the Baby Elegance stand as well. We have presentations as well on baby-led feeding, and a first aid talk relating to babies under five years. We have Dog’s Trust too, a lot of people have a dog for a couple of years before getting pregnant. When the baby comes home the dog can be a little jealous. So it’s a great talk about how to prepare your dog, how to prepare your home for the new arrival, and preventing any issues that may arise." For details click here..

3. Catch a preview of the latest and greatest prams

“Baby Elegance are launching a really really high class pushchair that’s not at a designer price. That’s going to be an exclusive at the show. There’ll be a new Bugaboo collection, another limited edition pram. They’re showcasing it at the event and it will be available to buy at the Tony Kealy stand. Parents will get to see it, try it out and see what they think.”

4. Book a professional photoshoot for your baby.

You can get your baby’s portrait taken. Need we say more? This is something you won’t regret, especially with newborns. They don’t stay small for long!

The SMA Baby Club Pregnancy & Baby Fair is at the RDS Dublin from October 7-8 and tickets are available at the door for €12.50. For more visit

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