Podcasts for those who find Mother’s Day tough

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There are many reasons why this occasion can be challenging, whether you’re experiencing loss, grief, or finding motherhood tough. Here are some emotive, informative and uplifting conversations to help you through it

On trying and loss

Síle Seoige’s Ready To Be Real podcast is full of heartfelt, open chats and her episodes on fertility are really powerful. In this episode, she chats to fertility coach and psychotherapist Helena Tubridy. Helena has helped people to achieve pregnancy naturally and to prepare for IVF, and also supported them through loss and trauma. And if you feel able to listen, her interview with mother-of-one Audrey Hagan, covers four incredibly difficult years in her life, but is also uplifting too. 

Our columnist Maria Moynihan has written in Irish Country Magazine about finding out that her precious baby Danann had a rare disorder which meant she would have to prepare for his birth and death at the same time. Here, she speaks to Brian Dowling on the Death Becomes Him podcast about learning to embrace her son’s short but precious life. Listen here. In another episode, Brian interviews mother Colleen McNally about losing her 11-year-old son to cancer. 

If you’re looking for a series of podcasts that delves deep into the challenges of conceiving, ReproMed Ireland’s new podcast Fertility Matters aims to shed light on the often confusing journey to parenthood. With expert advice as well as stories from parents, those who are finding this journey tough will be able to hear stories they might identify with and equip themselves with information.

Rosanna Davison shared her experiences of 14 pregnancy losses, having her first child Sophia by gestational surrogate, and the unexpected arrival of her twin boys on Georgie’s Crawford’s The Good Glow podcast. Listen here. 

On her podcast Telling Everybody Everything, comedian Katherine Ryan shares her experience of pregnancy loss, and emphasises that if this happens to you, you’re not alone. It has even happened to Beyoncé, to Celine Dion, and it is a pain that no one should feel they have to hide. Listen here. 

Katherine Ryan

On grief 

If you’ve lost your own mother or maternal figure in your life, it can help to learn from and feel solidarity with others who share that loss. In this episode of How To Fall Apart, Liadan Hynes speaks to a woman about how the pain of this loss eases over time, and she speaks to an Irish Cancer Society nurse about supporting families in those final moments. 

On Shapes of Grief, Irish grief therapist Liz Gleeson speaks to people about their experience of grief. On this episode, Stephen Teap speaks about losing his wife and mother of his two boys to cervical cancer. And in this episode, palliative psychotherapist Dr Esther Ramsay Jones talks about caring for her terminally ill mother and coping with her death. 

On the everyday challenges of motherhood 

Motherhood is incredibly difficult, but it can feel shameful to complain about it or feel ungrateful for what you have. But it’s okay to feel fed-up, frustrated, or overwhelmed by the sheer exhaustion of parenting. Maybe your journey into motherhood wasn’t the blissful miracle you’d expected, and you just want to hear people talk about the reality of pushing a tiny human out of your vagina, and the havoc that wreaks on your body. That’s all completely understandable, and Mother of Pod hosted by Sophie White and Jen O’Dwyer is a refreshingly funny and honest podcast about the highs and lows of motherhood. As well as sharing gorey details, the show provides much needed distraction too, and has even amassed fans who aren’t parents too. Follow on Instagram and find out how to sign up here

Mother of Pod



Main image:  Karolina Grabowska from Pexels