Little luxuries you didn’t appreciate until you became a parent

We asked a group of mums to tell us the little luxuries that they find they have come to appreciate more now that they are mothers!

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. Our children are some of the most important, precious human beings on this earth, however, we can’t help but admit that since they arrived in our lives, things have never been the same. Of course, our children have changed our lives for the better but there are lots of little luxuries we used to take for granted. Simple activities like washing our hair when we wanted to or taking long showers at our own pace have now become some of the things that we appreciate most in our days.

We asked a group of mums to tell us the things that they find they have come to appreciate more now that they are mothers! See below for their hilarious answers and let us know if you agree with any of them!

1. Showering

Is it unheard of in your house to take a shower for more than two minutes without being called or having someone banging on the shower door trying to get in?

2. A hot cup of tea

Not the ‘reheated in the microwave’ kind though.

3. Shopping

Peacefully trying on clothes in changing rooms or not having to find a room big enough to fit a buggy!

4. Solo toilet breaks

Peeing in peace rarely happens unless it is during the night and in that case the children probably hear the toilet flush and are on their way in to jump into bed beside you.

5. Sleep

8 hours of solid, interrupted sleep is like winning the lottery.

6. A clean, organised house

Welcoming a child into your household is like welcoming a hurricane. Be prepared!

7. Child-free hangover days

Maybe it’s old age but drinking when you know you have to wake up to hyper kids in the morning is just not worth it!

9. Wearing dangle or hoop earrings

That's a no-go, unless you want your earlobes ripped by tiny hands.

10. The sound of silence

Not hearing ‘mam’ 50+ times a day.

11. Getting your hair done alone

A luxury that only happens on very, very rare occasions.

12. Eating your own food in peace

Gone be the days of getting to finish a meal without being disturbed at some point.

13. Drama-free days out

Social outings can be tough, it only takes one thing to set one of the children off and all hell breaks lose!

14. Styling your hair

Hun bun it is - for the 45th day in a row!

15. Clean clothes

Making it through the day without someone getting spew or wiping their nose in your clothes is a miracle.

16. Doing what I want, when I want

Not having to organise and be prepared for every minute of your day because going anywhere now is a military operation.

17. Having your own nice handbag

Nowadays a mums handbag is the corner of the baby bag with their purse wedged between the baby bottles and the spare clothes.

18. You own mother

Realising how much she really did.

19. Eating with both hands

Especially when they’re a baby and they are on your lap. That is multi-tasking at it's finest!

20. Nice pyjamas

Pyjamas nowadays have chocolate handprint stains on the legs.

21. Me-time

Me-time now is the fifteen minutes in bed scrolling through Facebook before falling asleep early, again!

22. Paying for petrol

The petrol takes five minutes but then add on an extra 10 minutes onto that because you have bring the crew out of their Maxi Cosi's and bring them in with you to pay!

23. Going to the cinema

The taste of cinema popcorn and nachos is a distant memory!

24. Lie-ins

8am is the new 1pm.

25. Sex

Sleep is SO much more appealing.

26. Conversations with adults

Sometimes it is nice to talk about something other than bedtimes and schoolwork.

27. Leaving the house hassle-free

Being able to grab your bag and keys and leave the house without having to check if you have enough nappies, wipes, bottles, toys, spare clothes, EVERYTHING!

28. Looking in clothing shops at a leisurely pace

Now, its like a mission to get in and get out as quickly as possible.

29. TV shows

Not being able to watch what you want on TV and being subjected to Disney Junior and Spirit on Netflix.

30. Personal space

Having a child is like having a permanent sticking plaster.

31. Listening to the music you like

Oh, to be young again and be playing Lauryn Hill in the car instead of Frozen or Baby Shark.

32. Wearing glasses without them being pulled off your face

Antything is up for the taking now.

34. Having the bed to yourself

Nowadays there is a little person in your bed sleeping like a starfish or sleeping parallel to your pillow with their feet on your face , chest , head.

35. Maintaining a tidy kitchen

There is always someone trying to open the drawers or take everything out of all the presses.

36. Enjoying eating out

Now going to a restaurant is a stressful experience. What if they don't have chicken nuggets on the menu?

Image source: Dakota Corbin on Unsplash

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