Lessons from Exhale Retreat Cork

Here are some highlights from our Exhale Retreat in Cork, including wisdom on wellness and happiness from our expert panellists

Our Exhale Retreat in Cork was an inspirational day full of invigorating exercise and insightful conversation. Here is what we took away from the fascinating panel discussions on self-care and daily wellness:

On positivity:

“If you feel that your self talk is quite negative, ask yourself if you would talk to your best friend like this? You wouldn’t, so stop it. You are your own best friend.” — Anna Geary

On meditation:

“Meditation is a process of becoming familiar fundamentally with yourself. The more familiar you are with yourself, the more chance there is for empathy with others. Wellness is a byproduct of that journey of self discovery. It can be daunting but also incredibly fulfilling.” — Derick from Dzogchen Baera

On exercise:

“Exercise is a release. You are not looking at other people — as soon as you do that, you are comparing.” — Sian Horn from Elite Pilates

On happiness:

“When you wake up are you happy in your body and your mind? Wellness is about how you get that happiness throughout the day. Don’t exercise for how you look in the mirror, do it for how it makes you feel.” — Áine from Cork Rebel Ripstix

On peace:

“Yoga, pilates, running, dancing — you can find your peace within yourself no matter the discipline. Because that peace is always within you.” — Derick from Dzogchen Baera

On contentment:

“One thing that absolutely that entirely changed the way I looked at myself and everything I do. I meditated on this question — do you like that person that you are? Think about it, and if not, change it.” — Fiona O’Donnell of West Cork Fit

On time:

“Find yourself saying ‘I don’t have the time’? The secret is, there is always time. Get up an hour earlier. Turn your phone off. It is about making a decision to say yes instead of no.” — Sian Horn from Elite Pilates

On health:

“If you’ve tried every exercise out there and still haven’t found your ‘thing’, keep going. Once you find your favourite route to wellness, it is yours forever.” — Sian Horn from Elite Pilates

On rest:

“Don’t lie there scrolling through your phone or beating yourself up for not being able to sleep. Let yourself just be. Just lie there. Give yourself that time. Lie down and let your body shut off rather than forcing it to.” — Áine from Cork Rebel Ripstix

On happiness:

“There is a Buddhist idea called ‘dharma’, which is the thing that makes you feel alive and amazing. Find what it is and do more of it. It’s that simple.” — Jean from Anam Solas Yoga

Thanks so much to all of our readers who joined us at Exhale Retreat in Cork. Keep an eye on our website for details of future Exhale events.

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