How to protect your hair while you sleep


How you do your hair before you sleep can be literally make or break it

We tend to pay a lot of attention to our hair in the mornings, but by the end of the day it’s lucky to even see a brush. But if you go to sleep with your hair down, in a tight bun, or wet, you could be damaging it. Here’s how to protect it while you sleep, to make sure it looks its best, even on non-wash days.

Braid it

If you’re often waking up with tangled hair and lost hair ties, choosing a new simple style can make a world of difference. Any kind of braid or plait will keep the hair out of your way and better protected. Plus, it can create heatless waves for those with straight hair.

For natural hair, braiding can help lock in moisture and prevent tangling. You don’t need to go full out with numerous plaits, as even dividing into a handful of sections and twisting can help.

Put a sock in it

This one might be a shock to your partner or housemate when they see you. TikTok users have been recommending a fluffy sock as a way to protect longer locks at night.

@glamoriser Omg!! 🙀 #hairhack #nightimehair #sleephair ♬ original sound – Glamoriser London

Allegedly, this method means style will be maintained, too, so if you’re trying to hold onto styled curls for day two, a sock might be the answer. Simply wrap the hair in the sock and secure with a scrunchie.

Silky smooth

You’ve probably heard it countless times before, but investing in a silk pillowcase can help spell the end of the bad hair day. Because your hair glides over the texture of the pillow, there’s less friction and therefore, less chance of breakage. And since silk is less porous than cotton, it wont absorb the hair’s hydration.

Dry up

The old wive’s tale says sleeping with wet hair can result in a cold. According to Healthline, that’s unfounded, but sleeping on damp hair can still result in bacterial growth, matted hair, and even breakage. This is because your hair is at its most vulnerable when it’s wet, and more susceptible to damage. Make sure to pencil in drying time before bed, or switch to a morning shower.

Main image by Lux Graves via Unsplash