How to get organised & the planners to help

Here are some practical tips for getting organised and trust us, they really do work!

Getting organised in work or at the start of a new project can be difficult. You make lists upon lists, and yet you still don’t know what you’ve to do. Below we've listed some easy and practical tips and tricks for getting organised. Trust us, they really do work!

Tips for getting organised

1. Write everything down

As good as our brains are, they can’t remember everything and often stress can make them even more forgetful. Writing things down can be overwhelming at first but once you begin ticking each item off your list, you will feel so much more relieved and accomplished.

2. Do one thing at a time

If your list has ten items on it, tackle one at a time. There is no point trying to take on everything all at once because you will definitely not get it done and you’ll be so much more stressed. Do one easy task and then one harder task, that way you are working to your strengths and weaknesses and not spending too much time on one difficult task.

3. Time management

Be realistic. Allocate a certain amount of time to do each task. Also don’t be too hard on yourself and remember everything always works out in the end.

4. Colour coding

If you like buying stationary, then this tip is going to be your favourite. Invest in some sticky pads and highlighters and make note of the most important to-do tasks. Oftentimes, a list can seem very intense with so much blue or black writing sprawled across a page but having little notes around a wall or desk can be an extra reminder of the tasks that need doing ASAP. Also, the satisfaction when you can put off the note and throw it in the bin because the task is complete!

5. Delegate

A problem halved is a problem solved. If you have a lot on your plate, ask for help. Sometimes giving over one task to someone else can mean you can get the rest of them done faster and it takes the pressure off you.

If you have troubled getting organised, then planners can be a great way to get on top of things. We’ve found some really helpful planners that can help you get on course for success.

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