Honest, lovely & gas women to follow online

In a world of filters and #ad, it’s a tonic to see entertaining people in your feed who will always tell it like it is and who will share the tough moments as well as the #blessed days

From the beauty buffs we trust to the mums sharing a warts-and-all insight into life as a parent, here are some people to follow who will fill your timeline with updates and stories that will make you laugh and feel a bit better when overwhelm kicks in.

Rebecca Flynn, @flynnfluencer

Rebecca Flynn is a mum and activist, having started the Body Positive Ireland Facebook page (which is on hiatus at the mo). As well as spreading awareness of problematic diet culture and societally imposed beauty standards, on her blog Rebecca has written about the word fat and teaching tolerance to your kids, what to do about gestational diabetes when your stance is firmly anti-dieting, and how tough it is to breastfeed a tongue-tied baby.

Laura Young, @lauras_views

Laura vlogs about lifestyle and beauty as a hobby and she is passionate about using cruelty-free products. She loves a bargain and is always trialling affordable brands and products. She will tell you if she has bought something herself and when something is a gift, and when she does occasionally partner with a brand it will be one she genuinely loves. Key example being the iGlow Long Lashes Serum that has given her those enviable lashes. She’s not afraid to rant when something frustrates her, and very often she is saying exactly what we are feeling.

I call this face... ‘vacant’ ?? Aaaaanyway, swipe right to see swatches of the @weledauk tinted lip balms (The first photo is my bare lips). Let’s discuss. The ‘Rose’ shade is my absolute favourite. A game changer; it makes lips look juicy and plump and also seems to fill in any cracks or crevices, AMAZING! ???? ‘Berry Red’ comes a close second, same texture and finish but a slightly bolder berry colour (but still quite subtle). ???? ‘Nude’ is a liiiiiiiittle too nude for my liking and it just doesn’t have the same lip-perfecting properties as the other two. The only downside to these is the scent; it’s a little bit old-lady-ish but for juicy lips I’m more than happy to overlook that! ?? [I was very kindly gifted these products by @horanshealthstores, where they are available for purchase for in or around the €9 mark each. I am under no obligation to try or even mention them.] ??

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Kirstie McDermott, @kirstiemcdermott

Follow Kirstie if you love interiors, beauty and cats, as she is obsessed with all of the above. When it comes to skincare and makeup, she will tell you what works and what really does not — with years of beauty writing under her belt, she has tried it all. She also deserves unending praise for collecting and sharing the funniest pet peeves from her followers, such as things mammies say arseways, terrible dates, and frustrating Insta-behaviour (check them all out in her highlights; not in work though, you will laugh out loud, maybe even snort laughing).

Met the fine peeps from @emmahardieskincare yesterday to catch up on the recently-launched Moringa Renewal Treatment Mask,€65. This has nice bits in it like hyaluronic acid, red algae and moringa seed oil and can be used as a quick treatment or overnight. Crucially for irish people, ingredients chosen help with tone and redness. I still far prefer this sort of mask over sheet: you decide the dose, less mess and waste and you can sit upright with one on. Winner. They also gave me a pot of the very excellent Amazing Face cleansing balm which, if you’re a fan of oil or balm cleansers, you need to try. It’s deliciously scented and really really works. Not hashtag ad or spon, just years of hardened beauty ed knowledge. Taps nose #skin #skincare #emmahardie

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Laura Kennedy, @loora_kennedy

Another cat and beauty-obsessive, Laura takes complete joy in skincare and makeup and thoroughly trials everything she recommends. She doesn’t use filters on selfies of makeup, and she is definitely one to follow for anyone blessed with pale skin (so, that means all of you, every Irish person on this earth), as she knows the trials and tribulations of bronzing and finding shades that don't look terracotta-esque. We also love any and all updates from her beautiful and sassy cat Mabel.

Rosemary Mac Cabe, @rosemarymaccabe

Rosemary tells her followers pretty much everything, from the ups and downs of her fitness journey, to days she struggles with her depression, to exactly how much she is spending every week (you HAVE to read her spending diaries! They are addictive). She writes the blog posts you want to read (like this one about the best freebies she ever received). Rosemary will post an unflattering selfie as well as the lovely ones, she admits when she skips the gym for more time in bed, and she has the magical ability to sum up exactly what we are thinking about Love Island/blogger drama/serious stuff too. And she gave us the terrifying heads up we needed about Mooncups — read about when her Mooncup sucked out her coil (yes, really) here.

Louise McSharry, @louisemcsharry

2FM DJ and mum-of-one Louise is also ridiculously talented when it comes to creating beautiful makeup looks. She has a deadly job, but is also very vocal about how tough it is to wrangle a toddler and cope on those days when you are thoroughly and completely exhausted. She is passionate about promoting body positivity, which is something all of us need to see more of online. Yes, she is a deadly all-rounder!

Had a couple of lovely swims in the Irish Sea over the last couple of days. I’m working on helping Sam conquer his fear of sand and the sea. We’re making great progress. ?? I love swimming in the sea, but almost every time I do it I feel a tinge of sadness about all the times I didn’t swim growing up because I was too afraid to be seen in a swimsuit. There are a lot of things I didn’t do in my teens and twenties because I was ashamed of my body. Thankfully I came to the conclusion that I deserved to enjoy my life rather than hiding away because of something as superficial as my body’s appearance. I decided that if people judged me, it didn’t matter, that what mattered was living my actual life and not sitting on the sidelines watching other people going on sun holidays or swimming in the sea. As it happens, I’m not aware of anyone making any judgement or comment since I started doing and wearing what I want. Maybe they do, but I think because I’ve decided I don’t care, I don’t even notice it if it is happening. ?? If you’re someone who feels like you can’t do that, because you’re not thin enough, or you can’t wear a swimsuit because you don’t have the right type of body, please have a good think about where those thoughts come from. You deserve to live a full life now. Not ‘when you lose the weight’, because you might never ‘lose the weight’ and actually you’re probably just fine as you are. One thing’s for sure, you won’t find yourself lying on your deathbed thinking ‘thank god I didn’t take my cardigan off on that really hot day’ or ‘I’m really glad I didn’t go swimming with my friends all those times.’ You deserve to LIVE, whatever body you’re in. ??

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Jennifer Stevens, @jenstevensdub

We are biased of course, including our editor Jennifer on this list. But anyone who has been following Jennifer on Instagram and Twitter since her maternity leave will have enjoyed her honest, lovely and hilarious updates from life as a new mum. We miss her in the office but she is still providing entertainment and inspiration in equal doses from the comfort of her home!

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