Homely gifts from Uganda

This May TK Maxx and Homesense shoppers will be able to bring a little taste of Uganda into their homes, while also supporting the producers and their families.

  • Handwoven baskets from Uganda

Handwoven homeware created in Uganda, is now available to purchase in high-street stores, TK Maxx and Homesense, and not only will shoppers be able to add an African vibe to their interiors, but they will also be supporting the producer’s families.

The stunning range of hand-made baskets are produced by the Rwenzori Trading Company, Uganda, and the income from the basket will go directly to the artisans to help pay for their children’s education. The money received from the sale of two baskets, is the equivalent of a term’s schooling for a child in Uganda.

The extra income generated by the baskets, has also helped to empower the women who make the product. They are now able to contribute to their children’s education and a sense of equality has been established within the home.

The unique items are beautifully designed using traditional weaving techniques, and each basket has its own distinct patterns and colour palette. To add a lovely, personal touch, the creations have all been signed by their creator.

For a limited time only, the baskets are now available to purchase at TK Maxx and Homesense, with Prices starting from €3.99.

Check out Violet’s story and discover the difference that you could make by giving one of these hand crafted baskets a home.

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