Hide an easter egg for a loved one with the Cadbury Worldwide Hide

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The Cadbury Worldwide Hide means your easter egg hunt has just gone global

The Cadbury Worldwide Hide is back! It’s a virtual Easter egg hunt that allows the public to hide an Easter egg anywhere in the world for a loved one. This year, Cadbury will also donate €2 for every Easter Egg purchased on the platform to children’s charity, Barnardos.

Using Google Maps Street View, you can share a personalised clue that will mean something only to the recipient, it could be anything from your first date, where you went to college together or the ultimate travel experience you had together.


There’s also an option for when the recipient finds the virtual egg, they will then receive a real easter egg delivered to their door (Republic of Ireland delivery only). But there’s also the ‘Free to Play’ option, which will allow you to hide an egg on Cadbury Worldwide Hide for free.

The designated website is open until 10 April 2022 for online purchase. And the free to play option will continue until 18 April. Participants can purchase one of following Cadbury Easter Eggs to send to their loved one: Cadbury Dairy Milk Giant Easter Egg 515g, Cadbury Mini Eggs Giant Easter Egg 455g, Cadbury Dairy Milk Giant Buttons Giant Easter Egg 419g.

See worldwidehide.cadbury.ie for more information and to share some chocolatey love in the run up to Easter.

Main photo by Eren Li from Pexels